America’s Fascist Leaders Sacrificing The Kiddies To Jihadi Rapists! Patriots, What Say You?

Author: Adina Kutnicki



WHILE this site is certainly not the proper forum for lessons in history – even though sorely needed within the general population – some truths must be shared due to the dangers associated with historical revisionism.

AS is said, the (revisionist) chickens have come home to roost. Basically, the dangers described below are causal outgrowths to said revisionism. They have been a major contributory factor to the hostile and addled disposition that generations of Americans have toward the nation’s founding and the rule of law, as opposed to the gang of law. Know that the nation’s (revised) basis was implanted decades ago by anti-American radical revolutionaries. Yes, bringing down America has been in the making for decades, and its poisonous fruits are close to fruition. Fact-based.

SIMPLY put, Americans who really want the homeland to survive – not as a shell of itself but as a freedom-based nation – must recognize this stark truth: historically speaking, western regimes which turned to fascism did not start out with said deadly condition. Rather, the opposite is the case. In other words, there is no such thing as a “forever” free nation. Indeed, without nurturing (and fighting for) a nation’s democratic underpinnings, it is inevitable that unprincipled, fascist-bent leaders will grab the reins. Mussolini and Hitler stand as textbook and classic cases, that is, sans any revisionist whitewashing. Hence, the genius and foresight of America’s fore-bearers must be traced back to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers, as they put in place preventative measures to forestall this very catastrophe.

THAT being said, it is impossible to internalize the chaos enveloping the west without recognizing, with a clear-eyed focus, its driving forces. As discomfiting as it is, two intertwined and chaotic-inducing engines emerge, and they piggyback one another.

EFFECTIVELY, in order to “rearrange the global decks”, HUSSEIN Obama and like-minded leaders (with surrogates in tow) are facilitating the entry of mega destructive shock troops. Hence, fires were purposefully fires in an already fiery Middle East (and parts of Africa), in turn, priming the Islamic hijrah into the west. Cause and effect. America is their main target. 

IN this regard, let’s head back to the children.

NO doubt, the aforementioned serve as force multipliers to an American landscape already in chaos. Resultant, kiddies (and others) find themselves in the direct cross hairs of the leaders and their barbaric shock troops – literally. As expected, when a leadership places the primacy of Islamic barbarians above the citizens, rest assured, the results will be deadly.

MIND you, none of the following should come as a shock. Not at all. Rape-jihad is part and parcel of Islam’s teachings to the “youngin’s”, akin to their elders who have grown past puberty!

AND this is where the raping of America’s kiddies comes in, as it merges with a leadership on the brink of fascism.

Reaction to threatening comments from President Obama’s U.S. attorney in Idaho following the release of two Muslim boys accused of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl have been swift and severe.

Wendy J. Olson, the U.S. attorney for Idaho, indicated in a statement Friday that Idahoans who spread “false or inflammatory information” about the alleged Muslim perpetrators may be subject to prosecution. The boys accused are ages 14, 10 and 7, and their families have been evicted from the Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls, where the assault allegedly took place.

The two older boys are immigrants from Sudan and the youngest is from Iraq. They are believed to be refugees but the government has yet to say exactly how they entered the country, only that they have come “within the last two years.”

The Olson statement that is drawing fire from First Amendment advocates is as follows:

“The spread of false information or inflammatory or threatening statements about the perpetrators or the crime itself reduces public safety and may violate federal law.”

She made the comment after some websites published erroneous information that the girl was “gang raped” at “knifepoint” by “Syrian refugees.”


U.S. Attorney for Idaho Wendy J. Olson, was appointed by President Obama in 2010.

U.S. Attorney for Idaho Wendy J. Olson, was appointed by President Obama in 2010.

While the boys likely are Muslim refugees, they are not Syrian. No knife was found at the crime scene.

While the girl may indeed have been “raped” – as reports of one boy urinating inside her mouth have yet to be debunked – she was not “gang-raped.”

First amendment attorneys contacted by WND left nothing to the imagination in their sweeping condemnation of the Idaho U.S. attorney appointed by Obama in 2010.

“Ms. Olson’s not-so-veiled threat is closer to illegal speech by a government official than the speech she threatens,” said David Yerushalmi, who has represented Pamela Geller and other prominent activists. “But this abuse of government power is no surprise coming from the political hacks this president has appointed in the U.S. attorneys’ offices.”


Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Attorney General Loretta Lynch

He said Attorney General Loretta Lynch is the latest example, for her threats to prosecute free speech critical of Islam after the jihad attack on San Bernardino in December.

“Nothing tops the abuse heaped upon Lady Justice and the Constitution ‎by Eric Holder, however,” Yerushalmi told WND. “Olson is a small fry in this heap of garbage.”

Daniel Horowitz, who represents WND on First Amendment issues, went one step further. He suggested Olson’s words, insinuated that “false or inflammatory” speech could get an American citizen arrested, consisted of a terroristic threat.

“Wendy Olson should be arrested for making terrorist threats against American citizens,” Horowitz said. “She has abused her position and threatened to use the power of the United States government to punish citizens in the exercise of their constitutional rights.

“She is a criminal terrorist who silences Americans through threats of arrest just as violent terrorists seek to silence us by threats of murder. She should lose her job and be jailed and when Trump builds his wall, her prison work gang should help build it.”

Horowitz added that the duplicity and double standard of Loretta Lynch, Olson and other Obama-appointed federal prosecutors is astounding.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan can call for 10,000 black men to “rise up,” “stalk” and “kill” white cops and that is considered protected speech by a U.S. Attorney in Florida, Horowitz said. But citizens in Idaho are somehow forbidden from commenting on an explosive local criminal case involving a heinous crime against a special-needs girl unable to defend herself.

“The basic Brandenburg v. Ohio standard is that even the clear call for violence is not a crime unless it is specifically intended to cause violence in a very specific and ‘imminent’ way,” Horowitz told WND. “This government bully knows the rule but she can destroy lives just by arresting people. She is no better than any of the Third World despots who terrorize the press and their own people. She should be deported to Syria where she can learn all about human rights.”

Even a prominent law professor writing for the Washington Post took notice of Olson’s threatening comments in an op-ed Sunday.

Writing for the Post, UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh said the aggressive words by Olson “goes beyond calling for accuracy (and trying to deter threats, which are indeed criminally punishable). The prosecutor – a prosecutor backed by the might of the federal government – is not just condemning ‘threatening statements.’ She is equally condemning ‘inflammatory’ statements ‘about the perpetrators or the crime,’ as well as ‘the spread of false information.’”

Volokh said there is no precedent for allowing the government to prosecute “inflammatory” speech.


“There is no First Amendment exception for ‘inflammatory’ statements; and even false statements about matters of public concern, the Supreme Court has repeatedly held, are an inevitable part of free debate,” the UCLA professor wrote. “While deliberate lies about particular people may lead to criminal punishment in some states that have carefully crafted ‘criminal libel’ statutes, that would be under state law, not federal law; and though Idaho still has an old criminal libel law, it is almost never used, and is likely unconstitutionally drafted given modern First Amendment standards. Moreover, honest mistakes on matters of public concern are often constitutionally protected, especially against criminal punishment.”

Obama as chief defender of Islam in America

The Obama administration and its surrogates constantly act as the chief defenders of Islam, falling all over themselves to protect it from criticism after each new jihadist attack on America and Europe, said former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

But for a U.S. attorney to issue a statement practically threatening the citizens of Idaho for criticizing the alleged perpetrators of a sex crime is a new low, she said.

Bachmann said she was struck by Olson’s hypocrisy.

“The U.S. attorney from Idaho didn’t reprimand Muslim males who may think sexually violating non-Muslim women is acceptable,” Bachmann told WND.

Sudan, the home country of the two older boys, has one of the highest rates of rape of any country in the world.

State Department statistics show that since 2012, the federal government has sent 161 Sudanese refugees to Twin Falls, without the knowledge or consent of the residents.

Obama has ramped up the refugee resettlement program since 2012, taking the annual ceiling from 70,000 refugees to 85,000 in fiscal 2016 and 100,000 in 2017. The program has the full support of the Republican-controlled Congress. The Chamber of Commerce, the Partnership for a New American Economy and other business groups are major backers of the refugee program because it brings cheap labor in the U.S. to work in food processing plants, hotels, cab drivers and other service industries.

“No, the U.S. Attorney chose to cover for the Muslim (perpetrators) by warning the people of Idaho to stop spreading ‘false rumors’ about refugees.”

“CAIR seems to spread false rumors after every Islamic induced rape, terror attack or honor killing,” Bachmann continued. “But the true victims of these crimes, and the communities in which they live, are intimidated into silence when the U.S. Attorney implies the people should surrender their first amendment rights to freedom of speech and expression.”

As WND reported over the weekend, Olson has a history of covering for Muslim migrants in Idaho even as more are distributed into the state by the U.S. State Department working with the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees.

‘Deport them’ if found guilty

The people of Twin Falls, Idaho, have the duty and every right to demand answers regarding public safety, Bachmann said.

“When ‘refugees’ rape a 5-year-old special-needs girl, why wouldn’t the Muslim perpetrators be deported, after due process, with no right to ever apply for U.S. entry again?” she asked….continue reading….

TO wit, the leadership’s seemingly inexplicable gutting of one freedom after another (with the assistance of non-elected surrogates) makes sense. Basically, once threats are made against citizens who have every right (both on a Constitutional basis and moral plane) to speak out against those who rape at will, yet, are protected as if they are the victims, it tells law abiding Americans all they need to know.

INCONTESTABLY, the emergence of a New World Order, the end game, is the driving force. It is duly described at this video link. Listen up. Said national destruction is on tap.

SANS a scintilla of a doubt, any rational patriot who cares about the future of America, no less, the kiddies, must come to grips with the fact that their raping is inconsequential to the nation’s emerging fascists. Inextricably, their deaths at the hands of these same Islamic barbarians will be equally inconsequential, and akin to gum under their shoes.

THE urgent question becomes: is the above enough to move millions of patriots into action via whatever form it takes? 



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