America’s Academic Cesspool; (Poisoned) Ivies Lead The Way!

NO matter how much time passes, certain constants remain the same. Chief among them is the reflexive anti-Zionism/anti-Semitism embedded and rooted across America’s college campuses.

IN fact, this topic has been exhaustively explored and exposed since 2012, the inception of this site. The following compendium is a partially listed evidentiary trail:

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and so much more….book-worthy!

NOW, the chief pro-jihadists reside atop the so-called Ivies; with Harvard’s cesspool leading the charge — via its student body, revolutionary, leftists profs, and a wide swath across its administration! Naturally, every other college campus apes the same.

AND another proof of the same:

BACK in the day, in 2003, this investigative journalist lived a “stone’s throw” from Manhattan; a native New Yorker, that is, before immigrating to Israel, in 2008.

ALWAYS a Zionist — as well as a contributor to several international publications — it was imperative to head uptown to Columbia University’s Morningside Heights campus to accept an invite to speak/debate on behalf of Scholars For Peace In The Middle East to beat back against a maniacal, frenzied pro-Palestinian conference; with a token amount of pro-Israel speakers to buttress their political theater. Housed inside a major auditorium, the imbalance of panelists was immediately obvious.

LONG story short: every time, without exception, the pro-Israel side went to the podium MAYHEM erupted — not only inside the venue, but outside its door. Countless times, jihadi student supporters stormed in and menaced anyone standing up for Israel. Mind you, the campus police did absolutely nothing!

WELL, never one to be intimidated — when order was finally restored and attendees had a chance to head up to the podium to have their say —  it was unthinkable to stand down. Within no more than a minute, calls for the “Zionist whore“, and accompanied by the beating of (actual) drums to silence this voice, erupted. Unfazed, cowering was never an option. By managing to challenge the haters through a list of stone-cold facts, then, and only then, I went back to my seat.

BTW, my late husband, a 6 foot 2 and a half “gentle giant”, positioned himself at the outer edge of our aisle, that is, ready to jump in to protect “his firebrand”, if it came to that.

UPON reflection, witnessing the absolute venom, crazed looks, and murderous intent of Columbia’s pro-jihad student body, only spurred on the truth-telling.

AS night follows day: never back-down, never show fear — because it only whets the appetites of said monsters!

NATURALLY, an op-ed piece as to what went down followed in short order. It has since “gone down the rabbit-hole“; having accumulated too many views for those who abhor exposing what took place at one of the heretofore “crown jewels” of academia, a decades-long cesspool of jihadism!


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