Americans are forced to pay more in taxes than food, housing and clothing combined

Tax Foundation's tax graph for 2016How many of us heard our parents say when we were growing up, “the only thing in life that’s certain are death and taxes.” Most of us probably heard our parents say something along that line when tax season came around. This year Americans will be forced to spend around 31 percent of their income on taxes, that’s more than we spend on food, housing and clothing combined, according to the think-tank organization Tax Foundation.

Will Rogers once said, “The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.” Isn’t that the truth, it seems like every time Congress meets they talk about raising American’s taxes.

The reason this writer says “Americans are forced to pay taxes” is because it’s true. There is no way around paying income taxes unless you want the government to toss you in jail. We can’t buy most products without paying taxes. It’s a fact that most, if not all, Americans lament whenever tax season rolls around or when we go to the store to buy something.

The fact that Americans pay so much in taxes shouldn’t surprise anyone, but it definitely should outrage us. Most Americans struggle everyday to manage their ever dwindling income while the fat-cats in Washington continue to whine about not having enough money for the budget and threaten to shutdown the government.

If the bureaucrats in Washington would learn to live within their budget then our nation would’t be so far into debt that our children and grandchildren will spend their lives paying for our overspending. It doesn’t seem that the politicians will learn how to control their overspending any time soon. They seem intent on the mantra spend, spend and spend some more.

An interesting fact from the Tax Foundation is, “In 2016, Americans will pay $3.34 trillion in federal taxes and $1.64 trillion in state and local taxes, for a total tax bill of $4.99 trillion, or 31 percent of national income.” Almost five trillion is paid into the federal government, local and state coffers but yet we find ourselves $16.432 trillion in debt. Talk about insanity, it is beyond insane to think our government gets that much money but yet due to mismanagement we find ourselves buried in a mountain of debt.

According to the Tax Foundation: “This year, Americans will work the longest to pay federal, state, and local individual income taxes (46 days). Payroll taxes will take 26 days to pay, followed by sales and excise taxes (15 days), corporate income taxes (nine days), and property taxes (11 days). The remaining seven days are spent paying estate and inheritance taxes, customs duties, and other taxes.”

It’s time to reject the fat-cat’s handling of America’s funds and say enough is enough. It’s way past time for Americans to rise in protest and vote out these overspending fat-cats. It’s time to reject the notion of people like Bernie Sanders who promises to raise taxes on all Americans, according to the YouTube video below.

Let us know how you feel about the fat-cats in Washington and their mishandling of our nation’s funds and remember to go and vote this November.

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