American Silliness, August 8, 2017

With citizens like these, where in this world will we find people who can respect this nation and its voters? These are people who worship Barack Obama and adore national leaders such as Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters and the ladies of The View, along with their applauding sycophants.

OK, this is Australia. Do you think American feminists are more mature?

From the American Thinker: Cafe charges 18% ‘man tax’ to make customers think about gender pay disparity

“The feminist owner of a vegan cafe in Melbourne, Australia is charging men an 18% “man tax” to get her customers thinking about the unfair treatment of women.

“Women also receive priority seating over men.”

There is a gender pay gap, the question is why? As for studies to back your argument, take your pick. The one factor that seems to jump out of every study that contributes most to the pay gap is motherhood. A large percentage of women who have babies leave the work force for 6 months to two years. Many of them get off the fast track to advancement and promotions – far more than men who have children.

More from the American Thinker: Google roiled by samizdat critique of diversity policy

“Shhh…nobody tell Google that Chavez opposed illegal immigration because it depressed farmworker wages. That might be awkward when it comes to H1-B visas.” . . .

And more from the American Thinker: Any Democrats out there with the courage to call out Rep. Waters?

“…The answer is that the modern Democratic Party is no longer a serious organization.  It tolerates people like Rep. Waters because they are afraid of challenging a loudmouth who will respond by calling everybody a racist for questioning her remarks.  And to make matters worse, MSNBC will give her a segment to do it!”

And there’s more of this madness here.


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