American imam threatens: All Jews will be killed by Muslims ….

Where have we heard this before!?

OKEY DOKEY. Here we go again — with loud exhortations of “death to the infidels”, Jews and Christians, in the forefront — as always, when the Islamic-driven monsters feel emboldened. In fact, when Hussein, the Islamist-in-Chief, wrecked his two-term onslaught across America (and continues to do so, under Obama 3.0), it was the radical left and their Islamic counterparts who became the beneficiaries, that is, for they came out on top, then, as now!

DEMONSTRABLY, from 2012 (the inception of this site) and every year since, the following sets the long-standing record straight:

and the twisted, suicidal horror show goes on….and on….and on….

TO wit, it is beyond imperative to imbibe the latest jihadi threat — be it via Sunni or Shia barbarians!!

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WND | By Bob Unruh | January 12, 2024

‘We should retaliate with aggression’

A Muslim imam in Wisconsin has threatened that the eradication of the Jewish people is coming, and it will happen at the hands of Muslims.

“By Allah, all of [the Jews] will be killed by Muslims, they all will be executed by Muslims, they will all be killed,” was the threat from imam Alhajie Jallow, during an October 13, 2023, sermon at the Madinah Community Center in Madison, according to a report from the Middle East Media Research Institute.

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