American Caliphate – the Death of Democracy

The Middle East has come to America. Radical Islam has been seeded throughout the United States, and freedom is nothing but a dim memory.  You thought those who sounded the alarm were just “conspiracy theorists.” You thought those “Right Wing” people were the terrorists. But one day, you awakened to a different America- the American Caliphate. And your life will never be the same.
american caliphate
Could this happen? The process has already begun. You’ve seen it on our nation’s college campuses, as radicals of every kind have taken over student body governments and faculty, leaving an atmosphere of intimidation for those few who wish only to get an education. It has only one direction from here, unless America wakes up.
SJP Students stage a “die-in” on a college campus
Promoting terrorism on campuses: the SJP
You don’t believe it? Let’s start by having you look at the following link to see how many of the colleges in your area have an SJP Chapter.

SJP stands for Students for Justice in Palestine. They purport themselves to be a “humanitarian” organization, but are in fact, connected to terrorists. In their literature they say they are against “anti-Semitism,” but actively promote hatred of Jews, or anyone else who might disagree with them. And they are not the only Muslim group on Campuses.


The money trail
All Muslim groups in America feed money to each other. CAIR, ISNA, HAMAS, the Muslim Brotherhood, the money flows freely among them. CAIR is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, which is listed as a terrorist organization  in most other nations.
 The underlying agenda of Shariah:  Islamic Domination of the World – and especially America and its Universities
No matter what the Muslims groups say to officials or to the press, their actual agenda is something quite different. According to the law enforcement training group Understanding the Threat (their words are in italics) here’s how:
1. Muslims are Obliged to Lie to Non-Muslims
Um Dat al Salik, Islamic Sacred Law, r8.0-r8.1, Lying/Permissible Lying: “Speaking is a means to achieve objectives…it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible…and obligatory to lie if the goal is obligatory.” Jihad is obligatory.
[Lying is called ‘Taqiyya.’]
2. Teachers, professors, have all placed the students squarely under the Islamic Law of Slander – “disagreement” in other words, is NOT allowed, and free speech is now considered “hate speech.”
In sharia, the standard for the Islamic Law of Slander is to say (speak, write, etc) anything about Muslims or Islam they would “dislike.”  It is a capital crime.
Many non-Muslims around the world have been slain by Muslims because they have “slandered” Islam or the prophet.
The Clarion project reported,
“Taken together, these concepts of slander, taqiyya, and lying are intended to form an impenetrable shield for the defense and spread of shariah Islam. Behind the shield, Muslims stick together and cling to Islamic doctrine and laws.”
Muslims and other liberal hate groups have changed the verbiage in the US – Good is now evil, and evil is now good
College students and faculty have succumbed to the lies of the SJP and other Muslim groups. The leaders of those groups deeply hate Jews and non-Muslims alike. They want Jews and Israel annihilated. They want any non-Muslims under the control of Sharia or destroyed.
An atmosphere of intimidation?
Anyone who disagrees with them is subject to threats and intimidation.
In one case, an Uncle Sam’s Source reported to us that a young Jewish girl on a college campus was followed and intimidated by  a group of Muslim men. When the mother spoke to the Dean, she was advised that they couldn’t communicate by emails because Muslim Groups all had access to emails on the college server.
The Tower wrote,
Instead of promoting justice, SJP and/or its members spend almost all of their energy demonizing Israel, advocating for its eventual destruction, showing an unfortunate affinity for pro-terrorist figures, bullying and intimidating pro-Israel and Jewish students with vicious and sometimes anti-Semitic rhetoric, and even at times engaging in physical violence.
While SJP may pay lip-service to peaceful aims, their rhetoric and actions make it hard to avoid the conclusion that a culture of hatred permeates nearly everything the group does—making the college experience increasingly uncomfortable, at times even dangerous, for Jewish or pro-Israel students.
The anti-Semitic message: Boycott, Divest, Sanction
Anti-Semitism is alive and well on US College campuses. Hate is promoted and truth is ignored. To these people, the Holocaust is a hoax, and Israelis are the occupiers. They claim that they only target “Zionists.” But their own words condemn them.
They actively encourage boycotting anything Israeli by telling the lie that Israel is the annihilator of Palestinians and should be punished. They claim that Israel is promoting “apartheid” – which is a South African term for racial segregation- nonexistent in Israel.
(The BDS movement was started by an Arab man named Omar Baghouti, who studies at the University in Tel Aviv. Wait, what? Think about it.)
Where is the ethnic cleansing they are teaching to our students?
Lies are believed if they are told long enough, and loud enough
None of what these Muslim groups are telling students is true. None of what they clamor and shout for at the UN is true. But the constant din of their  yelling is having a gross effect on our students, on America as a whole. We are headed for a reckoning, and thatday will cost us greatly.
Israel is the only true Democracy in the Middle East, and the only place of real freedom. But to hear these campus Muslim groups tell it, Israel is the biggest evil of all. They are blinding Americans to the truth.
We have all known that our college campuses are full of left wing ideas. We’ve seen ridiculous things happen from coast to coast at all American universities. But do we truly understand what will happen if this continues?

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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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