America checkmated thanks to Obama

Today the world has a major new power player and US foreign policy is NO longer dictated by our president…for Vladimir Putin is now doing both.

As Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s failed Middle East policies and in-your-face support of muslim terrorist groups (like the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda) remains the main cause of upheaval and instability in the Middle East, Vladimir Putin snuck in to ‘save the day’ while throwing a wrench into Obama’s saber-ratting. With a proposal to Bashar al-Assad that was really quite brilliant in its simplicity…place Syria’s chemical weapons cache under international control as in under UN auspices…add in a smattering of other diplomatic measures…and have Obama take all military options off the table…Putin hopes this NOT only helps resolve the Syrian crisis but also establishes him as the major power broker in the Middle East.

And after Putin’s plan was announced the Obama ‘rah-rah team’ was called in to implement ‘face-saving’ measures…but what in reality is Putin pulling Obama’s butt out of the fire by giving him a way out…and it started with a statement given early Tuesday morning by Secretary of State John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry that set the stage for Tuesday night’s bloviations by Obama.

Kerry squawked that this Russian proposal was brought to the table and even accepted by the Syrians only after and because of the threat of force coming from Obama.

Now nobody with even one working brain cell believes that and Kerry knows it.


But truth be told Obama is only ‘standing down’ because he does NOT have the needed votes in Congress to support US military intervention in Syria…and for that reason alone. By Putin now allowing him to delay the Congressional vote on military action, Obama avoids the almost certain political defeat he would have gotten, which in turn would have rendered him a politically impotent lame duck while still having three plus years left in his presidency.

Obama’s inability to effectively deal with the Syrian crisis along with his failure to define the actual mission has made him look weak not only on the international front but also with many in his own Democratic base.

And so while muslim countries throughout the world continue laughing at Obama’s leading from behind (if what he does can even be called leading), al-Assad has agreed…in principle at least…to Putin’s proposal and will account for and turn over his chemical weapons. But understand this…and this is extremely important…al-Assad will turn over his chemical weapons but NOTHING has been said about the chemical weapons in the hands of the rebels…NOTHING at all.

And I would bet this has Obama written all over it.

So right now the winner in all this is Vladimir Putin who has proven to be more of a leader…more of a man…than our miserable excuse of a president…our president who could easily have brokered the exact same deal Putin did…that is if he really wanted an end to the chemical gas attacks…instead of allowing Putin to dominate center stage and have all the world’s eyes focused on him at this all-important junction in time…the world’s eyes now seeing a strong Russian leader and a now quivering, cowering American president with serious credibility issues both on the international and domestic fronts.

So the bottom line is this…if Putin’s deal actually comes to pass Syria basically stays as is, Assad remains in power but minus his chemical weapons, the rebels will have to back down to some degree but will still have their chemical weapons (and believe me they have them), Israel will be in an even more precarious situation regarding Syria than ever before, Iran will continue to advance their plans for acquiring nuclear weapons capabilities, Russia gets to keep its strategically important military installation in Syria (its last foreign military base outside the former Soviet Union), and Russia… especially Vladimir Putin…wins the big prize as they and he now will have garnered the position as the dominate power broker in the Middle East.

And Barack HUSSEIN Obama owns this…he owns it all for his impotency in foreign affairs caused this, for Syria is but another Arab Spring gone horribly wrong.

And what can I say about Obama’s teleprompted address to the nation…his usual whining about al-Assad, and that he used the word ‘children’ over and over to tug at America’s heartstrings. But did anyone notice this one critical sentence that blew Obama’s whole rhetoric to sheds…Obama said ‘look at the videos and photos of fathers crying over their dead children’. ‘Crying over their dead children’…well if their children were gassed and are dead why are the parents they were with alive and kicking…why didn’t they die with their children…why…I’ll tell you why…the videos and photos of dead children neatly lined up in a row are both posed phonies and photos from when Saddam gassed the Kurds is why…and Barack HUSSEIN Obama knows it.

So while Obama has now asked the Senate to delay its vote on authorizing immediate military action he still did NOT discount future military action if he did did NOT like the timetable or way Syria’s disarmament was going. And now Putin has written an editorial…appearing in the New York Times…to the American people making a better plea against the use of American military action than Obama make for it.

In an editorial titled, ‘A Plea for Caution From Russia’, Putin writes that a strike against Syria “will result in more innocent victims and escalation, potentially spreading the conflict far beyond Syria’s borders.” He added that if the United Nations Security Council does not approve of such force, it would be classified as “an act of aggression”.

Putin also said what many of us have always suspected…that it’s possible the chemical warfare was used by opposition forces to incite international intervention.

And that is something I have always claimed.

Putin continued, “The potential strike by the United States against Syria, despite strong opposition from many countries and major political and religious leaders…would increase violence and unleash a new wave of terrorism. It could undermine multilateral efforts to resolve the Iranian nuclear problem and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and further destabilize the Middle East and North Africa. It could throw the entire system of international law and order out of balance.”

And how right he is as the Israelis, thanks to Obama, have basically lost trust in the America when it comes to Iran, and that Obama has weakened his credibility with NOT only the Syrians, but also with the Iranians, who know that his ‘red lines’ mean absolutely NOTHING.

So even with al-Assad now agreeing to turn over his chemical weapons and agreeing to sign the chemical weapons ban, World War III still looms as a possibility as long as Barack HUSSEIN Obama continues to saber-rattle and side with the enemy.


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