An Alliance Forges Ahead…An Alliance Obama Never Expected

Well he’s done it again folks…stabbed Israel in the back that is.

And while some might think this is NO big deal for they still harbor the old hatreds against Jews…this is indeed a big deal for while we know Obama hates both Israel and Jews…except when the Jews open their wallets to line the Democratic coffers that is…his newest deliberate action against the Jewish state is his delaying or outright canceling arms and munitions sales to them after finding out that the Pentagon had been approving the sale of munitions to Israel without his exalted approval…which they did NOT need by the way…bypassing Obama’s approval in favor of that of Israel’s allies in Congress.

Now setting Israel up as the only nation whose sales and transfers of arms must be monitored, reviewed, and then approved by both the State Department and the White House…and doing so for even routine munitions requests by Israel…what was once handled strictly as a military-to-military matter by the Pentagon…Obama has now given himself and John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry, alone or together, the definitive yea or nay as to what arms and munitions will or will NOT go to our only true ally and friend in the Middle East.

And with this unilateral decision on Obama’s part, the what was set-to-go transfer of precision strike hellfire missiles to Israel has been put on hold. And with his using this transfer as an attempt to force Benjamin Netanyahu into stepping back his attacks on Gaza, many of Israel’s leaders… leaders like the Labor Party’s Miri Regev…now believe that, “We (Israel) can only rely on ourselves.”

But that might NOT be quite so for Israel has now forged new friendships of sorts… to Obama’s chagrin I might add…friendships with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and even with Russia to some extent. And alliances have been formed with Egypt’s President el-Sisi and…shock of all shocks…with Mahmoud Abbas of PA infamy. But while this alliance will well serve Israel, Egypt, and the Palestinians in their quest for a homeland, let’s NOT forget that for this alliance to stand strong, the PA charter must be amended to remove any and all references that Jews must be killed.

And contrary to Obama’s stance, these three men know the truth about Hamas, and together insist that Hamas accept Egypt’s ceasefire proposal unchanged and unconditionally or face an escalated war that Israel will surely win…and will do so with Egypt by their side. And most importantly, these three men have now demanded that Obama’s hand and EU interference be kept out of any and all peace negotiations from here on out.

But this new alliance…an alliance where Obama has now been rightfully delegated to being NOTHING but a bystander…means little to him as he continues to stab Israel in the back with one hand while shaking the hands of both terrorist supporting Turkey and Qatar with his other.

And get this…Turkey…like a kid in a candy store…has gone shopping, so to speak, at America’s weapons depositories comprising a want-list that includes 145 AMRAAMs, 10 missile guidance sections, and 40 LAU-129 launchers. Also they’ve included on their want-list containers, support equipment, spare and repair parts, integration activities, publications and technical documentation, test equipment, personnel training and training equipment, government and contractor logistics, engineering and technical support, along with other related elements and program support.

Now here’s the kicker, the Obama administration has said that this sale meets “consistency with U.S. national interests” (but Israel’s does NOT) and approved it all. But by his selling these advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles and all other things asked for by Turkey, Obama is again dealing in arms with the same country he (I believe) funneled weapons through to Syria in the fiasco known as Benghazi. And Turkey is NO friend of Israel as they are a main source of monetary support for Hamas and its parent of sorts, the Muslim Brotherhood.

And if the Turkey deal doesn’t have you hopping mad, add into the mix that Obama recently signed an agreement with Qatar to sell them Apache attack helicopters and both Patriot and Javelin air-defense systems, never mind that Qatar is one of the main financiers and supporters of both Hamas and ISIS.

So in reality, the Obama administration has now directly funded with weapons our ally Israel’s enemy Hamas, and has directly funded with U.S arms being sold to Turkey and Qatar the most barbaric of all savage terrorist groups…this being the group known as ISIS…a group who has publicly announced its flag will soon fly over the White House.

And let’s be honest here…Obama would probably hoist their flag up the flagpole himself if he could.

Now please don’t say, ‘oh you just hate Obama,’ because if truth be told his actions…or lack thereof…speak for themselves as all his chest pounding that he’s attacking ISIS really amounts to NOTHING of substance for a few ‘targeted strikes’ here and there will in NO way lead to the defeat of the very ones out to kill us all…that is all of us who do NOT have prayer rugs in their homes.

And now with his continuing to stab Israel in the back by supplying weapons to her enemies, and with his aiding in the birth of ISIS by leaving NO troops behind in Iraq to help keep the peace, Obama heads off to Estonia next month to assure the former Soviet republic and other countries in central and eastern Europe…countries who fear that Russia’s and Putin’s aggression into Ukraine might spread…that he and America have their backs…yeah right.

And with Obama saying that this upcoming trip offers him the opportunity to discuss regional security, economic growth, and collective defense issues with the region’s leaders, if I was one of those leaders I would be leery indeed for Barack HUSSEIN Obama will try to sell them out to his brethren just like he has tried but thankfully failed to do with Israel.

But as far as Israel is concerned Obama’s just warming up as he’s got two-and-half years left to try and reach that goal…good muslim that he is.


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