Alleged Santa Barbara shooter leaves disturbing video behind, low-infos still blame NRA

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rodgers1Elliot Rodger, the alleged shooter in a rampage that left seven dead, including himself, left behind a disturbing video that shows just how disturbed he really was.

In it, he decries being a 22-year-old virgin, and promises to slaughter as many people as he could in what he called a “day of retribution.”  Nevertheless, low-information liberals blame the NRA for what he reportedly did.

Check out this video, and then tell me the NRA is to blame:

“And you do deserve it. Just for the crime of living a better life than me.”

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I’m sure the NRA forced this disturbed individual to create this video…

A post at the Right Scoop said the young man was seeking help from mental health professionals prior to this attack.  Yet, too many say it was the gun and the eeevilll NRA that made him do what he did:

Even a father of one victim blamed the NRA instead of the shooter, who was obviously mentally disturbed:

It should also be noted that CNN crime reporter Shimon Prokupecz said Rodger passed a background check and purchased the gun legally.

No, the NRA did not shoot these people, and the gun did not come to life.  This was the act of a disturbed individual with clear mental issues.

The Right Scoop concluded:

A truly unsettling look into a truly unsettled mind. Rodger got an escape he didn’t deserve. He died in his own perceived moment of triumph, rather than live to suffer the consequences and ridicule and hardship he has earned. And that, too, is an incalculable tragedy.

A full transcript of the video can be seen here.



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