Alleged journalists try, fail to pin Quebec terror attack on Trump, conservatives

Screengrab: Twitter

As TK Whiteman wrote earlier, a mosque in Quebec was attacked late Sunday by two men in what is increasingly being seen as a Muslim-on-Muslim attack.  But operatives of the Democrat-media complex (formerly known as “reporters”) couldn’t wait to blame the attack on white people, President Trump and conservatives.  Some even fell for a false report sent on Twitter.

One of those was Conor McCormick, who describes himself on his Twitter bio as a journalist working toward a degree at the Columbia School of Journalism.

He tweeted:

A real journalist schooled him on Twitter:

Bill Melugin, an investigative reporter for WJZY-TV in Charlotte, N.C., added:

Alleged journalists at the liberal Daily Beast were apparently so desperate to pin the attack on Trump, white people and conservatives that they fell for a fake report tweeted by a parody account.

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Here’s what was tweeted:

fakeThe Gateway Pundit noted:

A Twitter account “Reuter New Braek,” which identifies itself as a parody account in its profile information, tweeted out late Sunday night that police had identified the gunman in the Canadian Mosque shooting as two white supremacists, David Aurine and Mathieu Fournier.

The account has only a few hundred followers and again it says in it’s own description that it is a parody account yet the Daily Beast didn’t bother to check it’s sources and even scarier they use twitter as their news source to find information.

The parody account responded to attacks from people by saying, “It’s not my fault modern journalists are all gullible morons.”

They have since added an editors note to the article noting that the information in the article was false.

But the question remains: Why didn’t the Daily Beast vet the report before running with it?

Mark Dice addressed the incident:

Others falsely tried to pin this on Trump, according to a report at BizPac Review, which said:

Early internet rumors had blamed Trump for the Quebec shooting, with anti-Trumpers claiming his “rhetoric” had caused white supremacists to storm the mosque.

Many circulated the fake news rumor that the shooters had yelled “Make America great again!” or “Go Trump!” during the rampage.

“Pakistani actor Kumail Nanjiani blamed Trump for the terrorist attack before deleting the tweet after news surfaced that the gunmen had shouted ‘Allahu akbar!’” the report added.


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