Alleged comedian Chelsea Handler falsely claims ‘every’ Republican ‘complicit in human rights violations’

On Saturday, alleged comedian Chelsea Handler used a broad brush to attack literally every Republican on earth as being “complicit in human rights violations.”

“It’s more than that. Every Republican is complicit in human rights violations,” she said.

Handler got her clock cleaned on Twitter, naturally.

She also got hammered for her blatant hypocrisy:

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Of course, if Handler wants to play this game, others can too.

Let’s see what we can come up with:

  1. Every liberal is fomenting armed revolution in America.
  2. Every liberal is working to enact an illegal coup d’etat against a sitting president.
  3. Every liberal is an insane bloodthirsty hatemonger.
  4. Every Democrat hates America and wants to see it destroyed.
  5. Every Democrat supports MS-13 animals over American citizens.
  6. Every Democrat supports terrorists over American citizens.
  7. Every liberal hoped Trump would fail in his efforts to bring peace to the Korean peninsula.
  8. Every liberal hates Trump so much they want millions to die in nuclear war just to keep him from being successful.

We can go on like this for a while, but we think you get the idea.  Maybe you can think of a few others…

“The self-awareness fail from Handler’s slam on all Republicans is massive, but not unexpected,” Twitchy said.

No, it’s not.  After all, this is the same Chelsea Handler who advocated a military coup against Trump.  She also suggested trading Trump for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

She also suggested enacting thought crime laws in the United States to end free speech.

It’s pretty safe to say that nothing Handler tweets surprises us anymore…


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