Alleged comedian calls Barron Trump a ‘date-rapist-to-be’ with a ‘small pp’

Spinola Barron Trump
Stephen Spinola — Twitter

The Borg-like collective known as the modern American left continues to melt down over the election of Donald J. Trump, proving that theirs is an ideology based on insane rage and hate.  On Friday, alleged “comedian” Stephen Spinola called Barron Trump a “date-rapist-to-be,” the Daily Caller reported.

“Barron Trump looks like a very handsome date-rapist-to-be,” he tweeted.

Spinola deleted the tweet, but not before it was captured for posterity:

Spinola Barron Trump

He wasn’t finished, however:

Spinola Barron Trump

“I don’t want my Mom to get raped, but if she does I hope it’s by Barron Trump,” he wrote. “Small pp [sic] would be painless and we’d win lots of money in court.”

The self-described “Master of Cum” later said it was all a “bad joke” and offered an “apology” of sorts:

Reaction was pretty much what one would expect:

Spinola isn’t the first unhinged liberal to attack the younger Trump, as we reported here and here.

And just think, we’ll have at least four years of this nonsense to look forward to.


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