Allegation: AOC Used Fake Twitter Account To Threaten Matt Walsh

(Natural News) A Twitter sleuth has uncovered what he says was a burner account that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) used to attack a prominent conservative and suggest that “transgender” people murder him.

(Article by R. Cort Kirkwood republished from TheNewAmerican.com)

The account was called “zaza demon” before Ocasio-Cortez burned it. Her target was Matt Walsh, the conservative Catholic who is waging war against the lunacy called “transgenderism.”

The account called Walsh a “hateful little bigot” and, again, called for his murder. Zaza demon sympathizers agreed. The account also targeted Chaya Raichik, the brains behind the highly popular Libs of TikTok account.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The would-be detective who uncovered the fakery is Niko House, the man behind an account called Joe Biden Hates Black people.

If the burner account was, as it appears to be, Ocasio-Cortez’s, she might well be responsible if an unhinged man-lady or lady-man gets crazier than it already is and murders Walsh.

You’re a Nazi

The trouble began for the not-so-sharp congresswoman when House responded to one of her tweets by saying she “sends money to Nazis,” meaning the Deep State army the United States is supporting in Ukraine.

“Hey, but at least you stood up to a TikTok star,” House told Ocasio-Cortez.

Zaza demon replied this way:

And what makes you think I did anything to support Nazis? You’re delusional. Seek help.

“[S]ome random account responded to me speaking in first person as if I attacked them,” House tweeted. “Then that same person DELETED the tweets.”

But a public official using a burner account isn’t as disturbing as what the account said about Walsh.

“I came to the conclusion years ago that the trans movement is the greatest evil our country faces,” Walsh tweeted on March 28:

I only become more and more sure of this fact with each passing day, and more and more determined to oppose it until my last breath.

Zaza demon replied with this threat:

You are a hateful little freak and i cant wait until you p*ss off a trans person that actually is as unhinged as you claim to say they all are. Can’t be a bigot if you’re no longer breathing:)

“They want us dead,” conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong observed when Walsh noted that the hate tweet received more than 25,000 likes.

“You and Matt Walsh specifically as individuals?” a user called SpaceEm replied:

Yeah 100 percent

The world would be significantly better off.

“Yeah, preferably soon,” another @saccharinesky replied. Myriad others agreed.

Another deranged user replied to the murderous tweet from zaza demon this way:

if AOC really threatened Matt Walsh’s life from a burner account called zazasmoka I’d vote for her twice. Three times if she went through with it. Four times if she tortured him first.

“Around 34,000 people and counting have liked a tweet wishing for @MattWalshBlog to be tortured and killed,” Cheong tweeted. “And a bunch more have wished him and I dead.”

Zaza demon also attacked Raichik, who exposes “transgender” child groomers in public schools and at “family-friendly” drag queen shows, as a “worthless c***t.”

Not surprisingly, Ocasio-Cortez nuked the account once House — again, Joe Biden Hates Black People — pulled off her mask.

“AOC gets caught using a burner account,” he tweeted:

Then blocks me once she realizes she was caught. Then deletes the account once my tweet calling her out started gaining too much traction ? is this y’all’s queen?

Is Ocasio-Cortez Mentally Ill?

The tweets suggest that like so many young leftist women, Ocasio-Cortez could well be mentally ill.

In a Twitter thread two years ago, the Manhattan Institute’s Zach Goldberg drilled into a survey from Pew Research that showed just how crazy leftist women are.

“Two interesting findings thus far from my analysis of Pew’s March 2020 COVID-19 survey,” Goldberg wrote. “First, white (and especially “very”) liberals are far more likely than all other ideological-racial subgroups to report being diagnosed with a mental health condition.”

In other words, a whole lot of leftists are nutty as a jar of Planters.

“I didn’t write this thread to mock white liberals or their apparently disproportionate rates of mental illness (and you shouldn’t either),” Goldberg continued:

Rather, this is a question that’s underexplored and which may shed light on attitudinal differences towards various social policies.

Overall, and with one exception (white moderates), those in 18-29 age group are more likely to report being diagnosed with a mental health condition. The differences among white liberals, though, are striking: almost half of white liberals in this cohort report a diagnosis.

Ocasio-Cortez, 33, is just a few years out of the 18-29 cohort, but began her political career when she was 29.

One of her first big moments in Congress was joining a group of leftist climate fanatics in an illegal protest outside then-U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Whether Twitter will ban the angry young woman’s real accounts, or any others, for making death threats is unknown. If Ocasio-Cortez is proven to be zaza demon, the GOP might either censure the former bartender or remove her from committees.

In 2021, the Democrat-controlled House voted to remove Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene from committees because of her public commentary from before she was elected in 2020.

Read more at: TheNewAmerican.com


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