ALERT: Did Nancy Pelosi Get Arrested?

Footage Reveals Her Led Out Of House…. It’s time for another “Fact Check”!


Not unlike Houdini, now you see it, now you don’t, has become the Dems modus operandi. Akin to what is commonly referred to as a sleight-of-hand, don’t believe your lyin’ eyes, too.

Resultant, rational Americans (westerners, in general) have as much faith in the Corporate/Mockingbird Media as when their toddlers promise to never misbehave! Even less.

Now, those in the know (let’s call them the “White Hats”) have been “hunting” down deep state traitors for some time. This is not borne of conspiracy-mongering. Believe it or not. It’s your choice.

Top among their scoop-up bank is San Fran Nan, yes, a traitor of the highest order. As a foretaste,

and the above is just the tip…setting the stage!

In any case, the urgent questions become: Wherefore art thou, so-called mainstream media? And, are the crickets getting in your way?

PATRIOTS BEACON | November 6, 2022

It’s time for another “Fact Check”!

Except…unlike the Crooked MSM, we actually do a real fact check, not a propaganda piece.

And here’s our latest investigation.

I saw this trending online today, so let me first show you and then we’ll break it down.

This video was going viral claiming to show Nancy Pelosi being arrested, led out of her house in handcuffs by U.S. Marshals:

Perhaps some of the reasons people thought she was arrested are listed below…

She is not waving.

She was walking fast.

Appears handcuffed and walks awkwardly.

Even Greg Kelly posted about the video, although not claim it was an arrest:

read the whole thread here

Mind you, when/where there is smoke there is fire, that is, regardless of pervy (pedo, too) Paul’s predilections.

Besides, which scenario is more likely: Door A or Door B? You decide.







Some tied it to Q’s 11.3 markers:


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