Alan Grayson to Ted Cruz: Happy Canada Day, wish you were there

GraysonOn Friday, Rep. [score]Alan Grayson[/score], D-Fla., issued a tweet knocking Sen. [score]Ted Cruz[/score], R-Texas, wishing that the Canadian-born former GOP presidential candidate was still living north of the border.  As it turns out, Friday, July 1 just happens to be Canada Day, a day essentially known as Canada’s birthday.

Naturally, he decided to demonstrate his alleged “diplomatic” skills by tweeting:

At the time of this writing, reaction was somewhat mixed:

Good question…

Then there were those who supported his tweet:

One person noted:

Grayson, of course, is well known for this kind of unhinged nonsense and regularly proves my contention that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.

In April, for example, he seemed giddy with the thought that global warming could destroy Rush Limbaugh’s Florida house.

Last year, Steven H. Ahle reported that the Florida Democrat had some issues that caught the attention of the Ethics Committee.

As we reported back in October 2013, he actually called on former Attorney General Eric Holder to prosecute and jail a critic for five years.  While he hates American conservatives, he seemed to have a soft spot in his alleged heart for an unrepentant FALN terrorist he asked President Obama to release from jail.

He did, however, get a dose of his own medicine back in 2010 with a somewhat satirical ad that said Grayson “Hates children, hates Seniors, loves Satan.”

Now, he wants to be in the U.S. Senate, where he’ll no doubt work to strip the Bill of Rights from the Constitution so he can put everyone to the right of Josef Stalin in jail.

Exit question: Does Grayson still love Satan?  Just asking…

Alan Grayson loves Satan!!!


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