Alan Grayson SOB Faces Ethics Committee

congressman-without-honorAlan Grayson, a loud mouth and a deadbeat dad, is in trouble with the ethics committee.  He actually now has two problems.  You see, it’s illegal for members to run hedge funds while they are in office.  Currently, Grayson has two of them.  He made it worse once he found out the ethics committee planned to investigate.  He wrote out a check to a lawyer to represent him in the ethics scandal, but instead of writing the check out of his own bank account, he wrote it from his campaign fund, which is also illegal.

Here are some of his more controversial remarks as recorded by Mother Jones:

On top of that, he is also a deadbeat dad.  His wife of many years has had to go on food stamps and the family home has mold because she couldn’t afford windows and couldn’t fix their leaky septic tank.  This despite the fact that under Florida law, she is entitled to 50% of the marital assets, which Grayson has denied her access to.  His net worth is estimated to be over $37 million.

Back in January, he unsuccessfully tried to have her arrested because she used the family credit card to pay for car repairs and groceries for their kids.  This man is some special kind of scum.  Last election, he smeared his opponent by accusing him of trying  “to cheat his wife out of alimony and his children out of child support.”  That is precisely what he is doing now.

Grayson refused to talk about his meeting with the ethics committee, citing a rule that prohibits him from talking about the meeting.  Naturally, no such rule exists.


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