Al Jazeera airs fake Video

ScreenSnapz011-620x376On just their first day on the American Airwaves, Al Jazeera did what it took NBC 86 years to do.  Create a false video.  Of course NBC still holds the record for the most selectively edited tapes, but my money says Al Jazeera has a shot at the championship.

Al Jazeera is funded by Qatar, the same regime that gave the Muslim Brotherhood 6.5 billion dollars to stay afloat.  But one consolation is Al Jazeera, the new owners are much more honest than the old owner of the site, Al Gore.

On it’s first day of broadcasting in the United States, Al Jazeera aired a fake video of a man supposedly dying of a gun shot wound.  The footage showed a man lying on his back, with his shirt covered with blood, as a woman kneeled over him screeching.  Then a doctor lifted his shirt to inspect the wound, but there was none.

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