Aiding and Abetting…and A Virus Called Ebola

ebola jihad5 tansport planeOh dear…Barack HUSSEIN Obama…the very man who recently said his job includes protecting Africa and Africans…has now decided…without Congressional approval I might add…to admit Ebola-infected persons who are NOT American citizens into our country for high tech medical care and treatment. And guess who gets to foot the bill for this…’We the People’ and our taxpayer dollars do.

Guess what Obama…our taxpayer dollars are NOT supposed to be used to bring those with a deadly disease into this country…period.

Planning to initiate what he calls “special waivers” to bypass existing laws and regulations that strictly prohibit the admission of non-citizens with a communicable disease…any communicable disease…into our country…Obama is going against his very oath of office where he swore to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the American people.

And if that wasn’t bad enough we now have yet another of Obama’s infamous and totally useless czars lording over us. Ron Klain, an attorney, party loyalist, and political crony of his…is a man who is NEITHER an infectious disease specialist nor a public health specialist…yet he is the very one Obama just appointed as his administration’s “Ebola response coordinator”…just fancy words for czar. And there’s even more ludicrousness to this appointment as in guess who Klain will report to…NONE other than the ‘wicked witch’ of the Sunday morning talk show circuit…former U.N. ambassador, current National Security Advisor, and the very one who said Army deserter and Taliban ‘wanna be’ Bowe Bergdahl served with honor and distinction….you got it…Susan ‘The Video Caused Benghazi’ Rice.

ebola jihad2 klainReporting also to Lisa Monoco of Homeland Security on the way up the food chain to answering to Obama himself, Klain has NO credentials whatsoever to be a czar of anything…and please see my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner and friend Craig Andresen’s article at to see just how unqualified he really is. And you just know the reason he was picked is NOT only because he thinks Obama walks on water but because he is a master of the cover-up as well…as are most lawyers who currently orbit or did orbit around Obama…as in Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton to name just two.

Klain’s responsibilities, according to the White House, are to “make sure that our efforts to protect the American people do NOT distract from the commitment Obama made to stopping Ebola in West Africa,” but pray tell why should we be the ones that have to stop the virus in West Africa when to do this would mean a total clean-up of countries that wallow in filth and unsanitary conditions…the perfect medium for Ebola to thrive…countries with governments that do little to NOTHING to help their own people…and would cost countless millions if NOT billions of our taxpayer dollars to do so…to stop a virus that naturally waxes and wanes in its own due time as it has done many times before.

Simply, we should NOT

ebola jihad7 aid packagesAnd while it’s one thing to send humanitarian and medical aid to the countries infected, it’s quite another thing to put Africa’s and Africans welfare ahead of the welfare of the American people…and this has NOTHING to do with race or color as the race-baiters like Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton love to claim, especially when their own neighboring African countries have locked down their borders to their fellow Africans from these so-called ‘hot zones.’

“We can’t just cut ourselves off from West Africa…trying to seal off an entire region of the world—if that were even possible, could actually make the situation worse,” Obama said in his weekly radio address.

Oh YES we can and NO it will NOT make the situation worse…period.

Locking down their borders…African countries wisely know this is the best way to contain the virus until it naturally burns itself out yet this is the very thing Obama refuses to do…refuses to do because it would mean temporarily stopping all flights in and out of West Africa. Claiming that stopping the flights would prevent CDC health officials from being able to track people with symptoms…claiming that the stopping of flights would only delay the inevitable spread of the virus in order to make ‘We the People’ feel a bit safer for a few weeks…claiming that stopping the flights would become a logistical nightmare and could slow efforts to get critical medical supplies into West Africa…and claiming a flight stoppage could destabilize the economies of the very countries at ground zero of the current outbreak…Obama just does NOT get that ‘We the People’ do NOT give a damn about his excuses as we are more concerned about keeping Ebola out of this country than we are about his bloviations as to why we should NOT and will do the obvious

ebola jihad4 hot zoneAnd let’s NOT forget that in our case locking down the borders goes beyond just stopping flights in and out of West Africa as it also means the immediate lock down of our unsecured southern border for it’s been reported that hundreds of ILLEGALS from ‘hot zone’ countries have come across said border in recent months.

Locking down our borders to flights as well as to ‘foot traffic’ is the logical step to take, but when we are up against a man who simply does NOT get the fact that we Americans rightfully want to protect both ourselves and our families from those who arrive in our country from these ‘hot zones,’ we are sadly coming up against a dangerous political whore of sorts…a political whore who does NOT in the least care about those in his charge for he has sold out to those who are the enemy of his charges. And that selling out is witnessed by the total absurdity of screening passengers via temperature checks and interviews that he knows will in NO way catch those currently asymptomatic NO matter how much he tries to claim it will.

Unfortunately, this president…this political whore…thinks it’s best NOT to stop his brethren of sorts…diseased as they might be…from entering our country. Willingly choosing to put the lives of over three hundred plus million Americans in medical danger by letting them in…by looking away…Obama is knowingly and maliciously ‘aiding and abetting’ the spread of Ebola while NOT giving a damn once again about the health, safety, and welfare of the American people who are the ones in his charge…as in those in Africa are NOT.

ebola jihad8 burningAnd to that affect I wonder if criminal charges of sorts could be brought against Barack HUSSEIN Obama for his failure to put in place the very travel restrictions and border closings that have successfully worked to stop the spread of the virus to the countries that one would logically assume would see it spread into…and could that be why Obama appointed a lawyer as his Ebola czar for he knows this distinct possibility could become a here and now reality as more and more Americans become infected with Ebola through NO fault of their own…but through complete and total fault of the very man who was supposed to protect them from harm.

Can you say law suits times hundreds or possibly times thousands.

Something to think about the next time the media reports that someone else has now contracted Ebola…someone that perhaps might be a person you know or love…just saying.

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