Ahmed Mohamed’s Sister Suspended From Same School For Making a Bomb Threat

Texas-Muslim-Student-Clock-12_w540The more that comes out about Ahmed Mohamed’s family, the more they look like an all-terrorist family.

The sister and the school have both admitted that the incident took place, but Ahmed’s sister insists she is completely innocent — maybe she was merely building a toaster.  A spokeswoman for the district, Lesley Weaver, said the school cannot release details of the incident because her parents won’t sign the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, a copy of which has already been sent to them.

Weaver indicated that a full accounting of the incident would be incriminating to Eyman Mohamed, Ahmed’s sister:

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“I wish we could…. provide more information to the media.”

Many people feel that Ahmed and his family are playing liberals for fools but I disagree.  Liberals were fools long before Ahmed was even born.  He should not be blamed for something he did not do.  But his family does look like they want to stick it to the United States.  Ahmed’s father is a Muslim activist, his uncle owns a business ominously named Twin Tower Trucking and his sister has made terroristic threats, according to the school that suspended her.

Eyman insists she was innocent and was suspended for no reason whatsoever:

“I got suspended from school for three days from this stupid same district, from this girl saying I wanted to blow up the school, something I had nothing to do with.”

The scare happened in “my first year of attempting middle school in America. I knew English, but the culture was different, the people were different.

“I got suspended and I didn’t do anything about it.”

“When I heard about Ahmed, I was so mad because it happened to me and I didn’t get to stand up, so I’m making sure he’s standing up because it’s not right. So I’m not jealous, I’m kinda like—it’s like he’s standing for me.”

Excuse me for one moment while I wipe away these crocodile tears.

Do you suppose the Secret Service will allow Ahmed to take his “clock” into the Oval Office without inspecting it?  I think they should, otherwise it would be racist.

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