After Biden ‘Ghost Gun’ Announcement, Gun Control Back in Spotlight

They’re not “ghost guns,” but they were involved in a crime. Instead of focusing on guns, authorities should focus on criminals, say rights activists. (Seattle Police)

“Ghost guns are the latest blight with roots in this country’s insane attraction to its firearms,” writes Charles P. Pierce at Esquire, in an opinion piece that illustrates the divide between gun owners and gun prohibitionists.

“They were created to elude what gun laws are left on the books,” Pierce continued, “and then to elude law enforcement when the gun is used in the commission of a crime.”

He quotes a piece from the Los Angeles Times which asserted, “According to court records, between September and November, a total of 14 firearms were seized from Moore, with the majority being ghost guns. The firearms taken were six 9-millimeter pistols; three AR-15-type pistols bearing no legitimate manufacturer markings or serial numbers; four privately made, unserialized AR-15-type pistols; and one privately made, unserialized AR-15-type rifle. Additionally, more than 150 grams of methamphetamine were seized.”

But Pierce misses the point, according to several respondents to the article, including one identifying himself/herself as “ReasonAndLogic.”

Only a very, very, very tiny percent of crimes can be solved via tracing serial numbers,” RAL observes. “This legislation serves only to placate people who don’t understand the current gun regulations, gun ownership statistics, crime solving techniques, and crime statistics. And this legislation puts the burden of that placation on otherwise legal, law-abiding gun owners without solving the real issue of why criminals commit crimes.”

Another response, from “sha1003” adds: “How is using the bogey man term “ghost guns” and prohibiting them going to make any realistic difference? These guns are used in less than 1% of crimes, and the regulation targets hobbyists more than criminals (whose true “weapons of choice” are stolen guns, not homemade).”

This debate would have exploded, had a so-called “ghost gun” been used in the Brooklyn subway shooting incident less than 24 hours after Joe Biden’s Rose Garden rant, but the recovered gun was identified as a Glock 9mm pistol, legally purchased years ago at an Ohio pawn shop by the suspect, Frank James, now in federal custody.

The violent crime problem will not be solved by focusing on guns, but on people committing the crimes.

An entry in the Seattle Police Blotter tells the tale: “SPD seized a large quantity of drugs, cash, and two firearms after tracking a suspected Seattle narcotics trafficker to Kent on Tuesday.

“After investigating the 55-year-old suspect for months…SPD investigators pulled the suspect over in the 200 block of W Meeker ST Kent, WA, arrested him and searched his vehicle.

“Inside, they found 890 grams (of) methamphetamine, 863 grams (of) heroin, 577 grams of fentanyl pills, 14 grams (of) cocaine, two handguns, and more than $20,000.

“Officers then booked the man into the King County Jail.”

There was no information regarding the source of the two handguns, but neither pistol committed a crime. The guy who had the guns and drugs committed the crime.


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