Actress: ‘How to survive in a world full of Harveys’

Amidst the sexual harassment allegations surrounding several high-profile members of the Hollywood film industry, the Harvey’s, (Harvey Weinstein) which comes as no surprise to most people, actress, singer, and model Julienne Davis outlines how to deal with these issues.

Unknown to many outside of Hollywood and the fashion world, Davis herself was drugged and molested in her 20s.

Julienne Davis explains:

Reports of past sexual misconduct by actors Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Charlie Sheen, comedian Louis CK, director Brett Ratner and others in Hollywood are being added on an almost daily basis.

The proverbial floodgates have well and truly opened. But will it force a lasting change?

In the short term possibly, but it the long term I’m not so sure.

Why do I say this? Because a similar take-down of some of the sleazebags in the fashion industry in London, Paris and Milan in the late 1990’s happened when the BBC aired a huge expose.

I was one of the models at the time who secretly gave the BBC information about the goings on that led to the undercover expose about the industry. It was a huge story that generated lots of headlines. People were named, shamed and fired. It literally dismantled some of the fashion industry…for a time.

Tragically, only a few years later, many of those same predators were back in the industry, in positions of power, denying wrongdoing and covering up the truth.

Like many in the fashion and film industry I had experienced some horrible incidents and bad and precarious situations over the course of my career. The worst occasion was when I was a naïve 20-year-old. I was drugged and seriously molested by a now deceased Hollywood producer I had met.

Thankfully I wasn’t actually raped, but I was traumatized by what had happened. I felt shame that I’d allowed him to convince me to come to his home in the first place, under the guise of: “I can help you with your career.”

Upon hearing my ordeal, my agent at the time merely told me to just, “Stay at home and take the day off.” That was and has been the norm: Shrug it off and move on.

Hollywood and the fashion industry aren’t alone in this either. This whole sordid scenario has been going on long before the beginnings of Hollywood or fashion houses. Powerful men (and occasionally women) have often seduced the young and powerless with promises of power, fame and riches. This was rife even in ancient Roman times.

Actress Davis Receives Threats for Coming Out as a Conservative

When an individual acquires huge wealth and the power to change people’s lives, depravity often ensues. Power corrupts.

Powerful people can and do become ego-maniacal monsters. They believe they are above morality, decency and the law. It’s a very different “anything goes” world they live in, and I’ve seen that world up close.

There are sexual predators in just about every profession also. There are lots of Harveys. The world is full of Harveys.

And let’s be honest. Some people willingly provide sexual favors to move themselves up the ranks. They believe they will benefit by buying into and supporting “the game.” Some young actresses in Hollywood are quite literally “passed around the studios” with the understanding being that trading sex for career advancement is just the way things work.

Will these women and men that “obliged” now talk about how it brought them career and financial success? Not likely. They knew what they were doing and what they wanted.

I was never comfortable playing that game. I knew I couldn’t look myself in the mirror the hypothetical morning after.

Why do certain individuals use their power and influence to entice, seduce and even rape to keep control? Why do others support them? The truth is humanity tends to glorify fame, wealth, and ultimate power. It’s a coveted thing.

So, make no mistake, although these recent revelations of sexual abuse and harassment may be news to average Americans, much of Hollywood already knew about it.

Those in the entertainment industry who claimed ignorance are, frankly, being disingenuous. They’ve known about this behavior for years, but did nothing because they were more concerned with protecting their careers and their peers.

But who should we be more disgusted with? The Harvey Weinstein’s of this world? Or the people surrounding them, who knew what was happening, but continued to work with sexual predators and look the other way?

I say both. By their silence, the enablers – or the “yes men” as I like to call them – kept the sexual predators in positions of power where they shouldn’t have been allowed to remain.

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Davis starred in ‘Eyes Wide Shut, directed by the late Stanley Kubrick whose been frequently cited as one of the greatest and most influential directors in cinematic history. Others in the film include Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

Actress: ‘How to survive in a world full of Harveys’
Actress, singer and model Julienne Davis

Her other acting credits include House of 9, and The Bill, as well as being a main cast member of the television series Too Much Sun. She also appeared in an advertisement for Carling beer.

Prior to acting, she worked as a fashion model for print, editorial, and catalogues, most notably for Gossard Bras and the Pirelli Calendar. Davis is co-writer, co-producer, and lead vocalist for the band Sophisticated Savage.

Davis is also involved with Deadstream.com in which two years ago, she starred in the thriller, ‘The Session’.

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