Actor Don Cheadle hammered on Twitter after mistaking American eagle pin for Nazi insignia

On Sunday, the Daily Caller reported that actor Don Cheadle caused a firestorm on Twitter after he mistook an American eagle pin for Nazi insignia.

“Hey, … Anybody wanna talk about my man’s lovely brooch on his lapel? Anybody minding the store,” he wrote on Twitter, including a short video that showed a CNN guest with a lapel pin in the shape of an eagle.

But that’s not what the CNN guest, who turned out to be Ed Martin, president of the Eagle Forum, was wearing.

The Daily Caller added:

The pin was designed by Phyllis Schlafly in 1972 for her organization, the Eagle Forum, a conservative pro-family interest group.

As a symbol, the eagle doesn’t belong exclusively to any one nation. Other countries to use eagles in heraldry besides America include Albania, Austria, Egypt, France, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, and ancient Rome.

When others advised Cheadle to delete the embarrassing tweet, his fans doubled down to suggest that he was right to be vigilant about calling out Nazis. “Vigilance is an asset in this era even if it produces some uneasy interactions,” wrote one of his followers.

Twitter users responded to Cheadle:

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Charles C.W. Cooke, the editor of National Review Online, posted another “Nazi” emblem. Oh, wait, it’s a quarter…  No doubt, there are some on the left who think this is actual Nazi money…

These days, yes.

Redstate noted:

This is ridiculous but we’d better get used to it. For years the left has been trying to equate all of us with nazism and white supremacism. Last weekend gave them an opening and they are running with it.

Apparently Obama was also fond of Nazi symbols as one Twitter sarcastically observed:

And could this be another Nazi pin?

One person, apparently disgusted with the insanity of it all, asked:

Could this be another Nazi symbol?

Another Twitter user suggested:

Good idea.  After all, you never know when some Antifa terrorist might mistake someone for a Nazi because they’re wearing a pin with an eagle on it.

Michael Savage was right — liberalism really is a mental disorder.


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