Activist Plays Victim against GA Lawmaker, Civil Rights Groups Intervene

A Georgia State Representative says he was not threatening a former colleague when he hinted she might “go missing” if she visited his part of the state, and while the former colleague and activist appeared to accept that, she is now rallying her base and claiming she’s the victim.

Rep. Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine) says he regrets the words he used in a brother and sister-type argument on Facebook against his former seat mate in the Georgia legislature and Black Lives Matter activist, Democrat LaDawn Jones.

The argument began when Spencer posted a picture of himself at a Jefferson Davis site in south Georgia, writing, “Passing through South Georgia on my way back. Stopped by another state historic site, the Jefferson Davis Memorial site (the site where the C.S.A. President fled to hide from the Union, but they found him in Irwrinville, Ga)…30 minutes north from where I grew up. This is Georgia’s history.”

Jones didn’t care for the post and stated, “Yes get it in … before it is torn down. Are state tax dollars going to this? If so I need to take a closer look at the state budget. I’ll deal with it but don’t want to pay for it.”

“I sit on Games, Fish & Parks…it’s not going anywhere,” said Spencer.

As the debate continued, Jones said, “Jason C. Spencer we will see. African Americans endured 400 years of slavery and 30 years of Jim Crow, yet we persisted. Take a photo – you won’t be in the legislature forever. #flagGONE #confederatestatuesLEAVING #hateDONE Hold on to your family bibles because progress is not on your side. #sorrynotsorry.  Yea put your hoods and your tiki torches away. We are no longer afraid. We will not let you hide hate behind heritage. My suggestion … move your idols to private property and erect statues that make you feel powerful.”

“Hate for others and American history (good and bad) drives your quixotic journey to erase history like the Bolsheviks. Looks like you are afflicted with the same poison you claim to fight against. I can guarantee you won’t be met with torches but something a lot more definitive. People in South Georgia are people of action, not drama,” said Spencer.

A short time later, after the news broke of the debate, Jones appeared to say that the debate was no big deal and said, “I got a call. I explained we fight like bros and sisters — and had a unique relationship as seat mates. Even if the word choice was not ideal.”

BLM Activist Plays Victim against GA Lawmaker, Civil Rights Groups Intervene

Spencer agreed and said, “I told them the same thing. They have nothing to do.”

Then later on Wednesday, Jones appeared to change her tune from the friendly argument by rallying her base and claiming she’s the victim.  Naturally, her supporters are now calling Spencer a bigot, racist and other leftist words after she said, “What I would really love to come about from this is an acknowledgment that we have a wound around racism and centered around these monuments that isn’t healed, and not talking about it won’t make it go away,” she said.

“The conversation has started. I would love if the leadership in Georgia and the leadership of the United States of America would take charge of this and hold meaningful discussions, outside of our silos, outside of our segregated churches and neighborhoods, and have a real conversation so that we may not be able to solve all the issues with racism, but we could address some of these things that we keep skirting around because we’re afraid of being offended.”

Spencer released a statement in which he said, “The racial division in our nation is terrible and is going to get worse if my colleague and I cannot have the kind of conversation we had on social media and will continue to have face-to-face. It is a painful conversation that we need to have, in our communities, our state, and our nation. I’m grateful that LaDawn Jones is willing to start that conversation with me, and I hope that our experience will start similar conversations among others.”

Jones responded in her release and said in-part, “This most recent comment however highlights a far more important revelation that was also exhibited in Charlottesville. Since Trump began his campaign and has taken office, the level of comfort with outward racism has increased. Although in his statement Rep. Spencer’s disavowed white supremacist organizations, his tacit acceptance of the type of deplorable violence he described is de facto approval of it. Warning me of the existence of such hate, rather than addressing it head on with his south Georgia neighbors, is very similar to Trumps claims of bad people on ‘all sides.’ It is time for Rep. Spencer and others to acknowledge that one of the problems with modern day racism is our avoidance of the topic and our passive acceptance of those around us that promote hate. It would be insincere of me to ignore that if the media did not report this discussion, Rep. Spencer would have remained comfortable with the idea of murder as an acceptable response to a political disagreement.”

Mike Hassinger, a friend of Jones, and a Republican strategist for Spencer, said he believes the warning was genuine, not threatening. “I think the analogy is that if you tell someone not to put their hand on a hot stove, it doesn’t mean you’re in favor of the hot stove. I think it’s a genuine warning.”

Naturally, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Georgia and Atlanta NAACP and other groups that couldn’t wait for something like this to happen, issued a joint statement, calling on Spencer to apologize or resign.

As a result of the civil rights group’s demands, Spencer told the Conservative Firing Line, “My remarks were made out of genuine concern for a former legislator I sat with for 3 years and, a woman who I still consider my colleague and for whom I have enormous respect. I had a genuine concern for her personal safety, and was trying to warn her. I will not apologize for being concerned about a colleague, nor will I have any response to any group telling lies and continuing to foment the painful racial divisions in this country.

I will continue my service to the people of Georgia’s 180th District.”

Jones is the same Democrat and BLM activist that appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program claiming that President Donald Trump is committing so-called, ‘genocide’.

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