ACLU: Yeah, taxpayers should fork over money for Bradley Manning’s sex change

Bradley/Chelsea ManningOn Thursday, Bradley Manning, the Army private who was convicted of leaking over 700,000 documents to Wikileaks announced that he’s really a she.  Or he thinks that he’s a she.  Or something.  Now “he” wants to be called “Chelsea.”

Anyway, his attorney is demanding prison officials at Ft. Leavenworth pay for his “treatment,” which could include a sex-change operation.  Which means you and I will be paying for it with our tax dollars.  And by the way, the ACLU is just fine with that.

From Examiner:

“In response to Chelsea Manning’s disclosure that she is female, has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and will be seeking hormone therapy as a part of her transition during her incarceration, public statements by military officials that the Army does not provide hormone therapy to treat gender dysphoria raise serious constitutional concerns,” said Chase Strangio, staff attorney with the ACLU’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Project.

“The official policy of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and most state agencies is to provide medically necessary care for the treatment of gender dysphoria, and courts have consistently found that denying such care to prisoners based on blanket exclusions violates the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution,” Strangio added.

Got that?

Not only do we as a nation have to suffer the consequences of this guy’s (or girls’ or whatever) actions, we are now being asked to possibly turn him into a her.

Believe it or not, his/hers/its attorney says he/she/it did what he/she/it did because of his/her “gender identity disorder.”


More at Examiner

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