Abedin Whines About Criminal Investigations: Claims They Are Unfair

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beautiful-Huma-AbedinHuma Abedin’s lawyer has sent a letter to the State Department, whining about the fact that their client is being investigated for her alleged criminal activities by Sen Chuck Grassley.

Abedin is being investigated for a wide variety of charges of criminal behavior.  So Grassley has been inquiring on several of those activities for several years, without getting a response.  The Inspector General (IG) of the State Dept has called into question money Abedin was paid during her maternity leave and during a vacation to Italy and France.

Abedin and her lawyers claim that she worked during both breaks from her service.  That seems highly unlikely to me.

Why take a plane to Italy and France just to pay for an expensive hotel room if you are working?  You could do that from any Motel 6 in the country.  The fact that they are unwilling to divulge any information on either seems suspicious, don’t you think?

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