ABC’s ‘The View’ becomes ‘direct threat’ to U.S. democracy, advocate Electoral College coup against Trump

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ABC’s “The View” becomes a direct threat to U.S. democracy with a call for an Electoral College coup against Trump. Screengrab: MRC TV.

Remember when Democrat Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump presents a direct threat to U.S. democracy for refusing to pre-emptively accept the outcome of November’s election?  In fact, she said that those who don’t “respect the result of the election” presents a “direct threat to our democracy.”  On Wednesday, the low-information liberal co-hosts of ABC’s “The View” not only refused to respect the result of November’s election, but openly called for a coup by the Electoral College, essentially becoming direct threats to U.S. democracy, according to the definition given by Clinton.

Kristine Marsh reported at Newsbusters:

Wednesday on The View, the ladies turned their self-admitted “rage” over the election results into a tentative plan of how to stop Trump from entering office. Host Joy Behar argued that the Constitution left a “chance” for Trump to get forced out, with help from the electoral college.

Behar contested that the election’s legitimacy for three reasons. One, “foreign involvement” (ie: Russian hacking); Trump’s business dealings overseas; and finally, Trump as a “demagogue” “bully” and “populist”:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

So, in conclusion, these are the criteria with which the electorates should be voting against Trump to be inaugurated if they are the patriotic Americans that they claim they are,” Joy Behar screeched.

So, according to Behar, staging a coup d’etat against a legally-elected president-elect is “patriotic.”

Marsh added:

Co-host Sunny Hostin agreed with Behar’s analysis but blasted the “racist” electoral college that helped Trump win the election in the first place:

HOSTIN: [W]hen you look at the roots of the electoral college, the roots of the electoral college are rooted in slavery, and the reason that the electoral college even exists is because the North would have outnumbered the South because the South refused to acknowledge that their slaves were people.

BILA: I disagree.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG& HOSTIN: You can’t disagree- Those are the facts!

When Behar again brought up the “glimmer of hope” for Trump to be stopped, Hostin lauded the “completely constitutional” plan. Conveniently, liberals forget the electoral college is “completely constitutional” too:

HOSTIN: The Constitution provides an out. We have an out. We have an out.

BEHAR: There’s a whole — there’s a glimmer of hope on the Constitution. Alexander Hamilton! [ Applause ]

HOSTIN: It’s completely Constitutional!

Marsh concluded: “The segment ended with Behar calling for viewers to ‘call your Democratic representatives and tell them to get with the program.’”

Here’s video, courtesy of MRC:

Odd, the electoral college was great when Obama was elected in 2008 and 2012…


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