A Welcoming Sign in Maine

 Somebody in Maine put up a welcoming sign for Syrian refugees, so we thought there are some things you should know.

People like Governor Hickenlooper of Colorado claim that Muslim immigrants (like the Tsarnev brothers in the Boston bombing?) have “never committed” acts of terror. (Stop smoking weed, Governor, it’s affecting your brain). The problem appears to be looking at photos of tiny children and elderly mothers without checking the reality of the situation.

Whether it is Paris, London, or Boston, Muslim immigrants have most certainly been involved in terror. Here or abroad. Stopping the influx is a necessity… compassion cannot supercede wisdom.

Murder – August 11, 2015

Portland, Maine – A Christian man in Portland invited three Muslim immigrants to a party at his house. It was the last thing he did before the men literally spent hours beating him to death.

Court documents released on August 24 revealed a brutal attack on Freddy Akoa, a 49 year old healthcare worker, whose battered body was found lying next to his blood-spattered Bible. He had 22 rib fractures, cuts and bruises all over his head and torso, and a lacerated liver. According to the coroner, death was caused by blows to the head. The attackers used pieces of furniture to complete the act.

The actual incident took place on August 11, but court documents were not released until a week later. Abil Teshome, 23, Osman Sheikh, 31, and Mohamud Mohamed, 36, were charged with “Murder by Depraved Indifference.” Three Somali Muslim immigrants. It may not be “terror” by the city’s definition, but ask Freddy Akoa if it was terror.

Left to right: Abil Teshome, Mohamud Mohamed, Osman Sheikh

Welcoming sign and short memories

In the SAME state, same city, as the Akoa murder – Portland, Maine– someone posted a sign on their house that said Mainers “welcome” Syrian Refugees. The posters of that sign said they wanted to support “like-minded” people.

 welcoming sign
This welcoming sign in Portland Maine shows the difficulties of trying to show people what they are doing

People drive by and signed the poster, saying they are so happy to “show support for people” because we’re all human. They have very short memories.

With the upheaval around the world regarding immigrants from the Middle East, Somalia, and other Muslim countries, it is wise to stem the flow of people coming into our nation. People who cannot see the problem are part of that problem.


In some of the Somali communities in the U.S., several men have reportedly tried to join ISIS. Authorities say around a dozen men from Minnesota have gone to Syria to fight for the terror group.  Two have died overseas in that fight, as far as authorities are aware.

According to the Business Insider in September, Minneapolis has an ISIS problem. Add to that the arrests of Syrians at the Southern border of the United States, some of which were arrested among drug smugglers and we have a serious issue.

In the last 18 months, 66 ISIS – related arrests have been made in America, according to the Daily Mail. Some of those are refugees, some are naturalized people lured into the ISIS web of propaganda.

We cannot have compassion without wisdom. And right now, we must protect our nation from those who seek to kill us.

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Faye Higbee

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