A Real President’s Love of American Military

A Real President’s Love of American Military

Ronald Reagan was a real President. His love for America and our military was deep and genuine.

Military member

Reagan joined the Army reserve in 1937, where he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant. When the call to active duty came, he served at Fort Mason, California before transferring from the Cavalry to the Army Air Corps in May of 1942. The Army Air Corps ultimately became the US Air Force. He eventually was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and then to Captain.

american military
Ronald Reagan during WWII – Photo from National Archives via Defense Media Network

According to the Defense Media Network, because he was nearsighted, he was only classified for “limited service” and therefore could not go overseas. When he petitioned the Army to allow him to serve in a war zone, he was denied. His services as an actor were more important to the war effort. His unit was responsible for 300 films during the war. He also served in War Bond Drives while in uniform.

He was 34 when he left active duty on December 9, 1945. Through recommended for promotion to Major, he never “pinned on the oak leaves.”

Though he was not on the front lines of battles, his life was part of America’s Military History.

“He wasn’t a pilot, didn’t go overseas, and didn’t shoot down enemy planes. Still, he was part of the Air Force’s story.” Jon Lake, Aviation Writer.

Semper Fi

The following video from the Reagan Library tells a story about the U.S. Marine Corps Commandant at the time,  General Paul Kelly, who visited a young Marine in the hospital. According to the General, he had “more tubes going in and out of his body than I have ever seen.” The man couldn’t see very well, and he reached up and grabbed the Generals stars to “make sure he was who he said he was.”

When he was given a pad of paper to write something, the only thing he wrote was “Semper Fi.”

Always Faithful. Always brothers and sisters. Always there for each other. Standing shoulder to shoulder with our military.

Reagan was a president who understood that motto, even though he was not a Marine. He understood that we are “all Americans before anything else.”

It’s a concept totally lost on today’s generations of selfish, entitled people.

Enjoy this video from the Reagan Presidential Library. A  great story told by a real President!

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