A Phone Call That’s Too Little and Way Too Late

calls bibi1 coverCanadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper called immediately… British Prime Minister David Cameron called immediately…Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other world leaders called immediately…but Barack HUSSEIN Obama did NOT call and congratulate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his Tuesday night election win until late Thursday Israeli time when pressure from both sides of the aisle for him to do so was building. And why the delay…because Tuesday’s election was actually a Netanyahu vs. Obama referendum…a referendum to the affect that if Israel wanted to reconcile with the U.S. and save their alliance they needed to get rid of Bibi…basically the good guy must go…but to Obama’s chagrin the bad guy…being himself…was the loser.

And his losing…especially his being a muslim losing to a Jew…is something the ‘anointed one’ still finds a hard pill to swallow. But let’s put all the political correctness nonsense aside and speak a truth as to why it took Obama so long to place what should have been a routine congratulatory call…a truth that few will dare say but a truth which I will say…Barack HUSSEIN Obama has proven once again that he is indeed an anti-Semite…you know it…I know it…and he knows we know it but simply does NOT care that we do. However, this most miserable of men in his capacity as president (I still gag on that one) should at least try to keep his Jew-hatred in check when it concerns the leader of Israel…Israel…America’s closest ally in NOT only the Middle East but in the world.

calls2And once again his actions and words tell yet another sad truth the media looks away to…that being that Obama personally hates Benjamin Netanyahu NOT just because he is a Jew, but also because he is a leader who commands and garners his fellow countrymen’s respect… something Barack HUSSEIN Obama will NEVER be able to do.

But now that Obama has finally placed that all-important phone call…a call where he congratulated Netanyahu on his party’s success in winning a plurality of Knesset seats…his party’s success NOT his personal success…do NOT forget that it also took Obama almost a week to congratulate Netanyahu after his 2013 election win. But most important to remember is how fast he was to rush to the phone to congratulate Turkey’s Recep Erdogen, Egypt’s Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Iran’s Hassan Rouhani, and even his main nemesis Russia’s Vladimir Putin, when they won their respective country’s elections. So do NOT say this delay in calling Netanyahu was NOT done on purpose, because quite simply it was.

call3And while like I said NO personal congratulations of sorts crossed this man’s lips during that farce of a phone call, Obama on Tuesday’s election night did have his spokesmouth Josh Earnest bloviate empty words congratulating Israel for holding a democratic election that bridged right into an outright attack on Netanyahu himself…an attack over his tough and now unwavering stance of opposition to a Palestinian state, along with his pledging to (rightfully) keep building Jewish settlements in the occupied territories. Saying Obama still believes in a two-state solution and chastising BiBi for saying that there would be NO Palestinian state on his watch, Earnest went so far as to say that Obama would be “re-evaluating” the U.S. relationship with Israel itself, as well as reviewing our protocol of always providing diplomatic cover for and aligning with Israel at the U.N.

In fact, as payback for Netanyahu’s win, it’s been leaked…if you will…that the U.S. may now agree to come on board with the U.N. Security Council’s draft resolution ordering…YES ordering…a two-state solution, along with mandating an Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria. As if the U.N. and Obama can order Israel…can order or blackmail Netanyahu…into giving up even one inch of their land for the establishment of a Palestinian state…a Palestinian state that already exists…as in can you say ‘Jordan’…as in go talk to King Abdullah II about that one.

calls4And Obama as expected is once again going to stab Israel in the back.

So the man…the islamist…who in full hissy-fit payback mode is also still refusing to renew or even extend a much relied upon 40-year agreement to supply Israel with emergency oil if needed…is showing the world even more proof of his outright hatred of both Netanyahu and the Jewish state itself.

And to add insult to injury Obama…good little compliant muslim that he is…let it be known that he was also “deeply concerned” about divisive and…gasp…non-politically correct words and a “cynical election day tactic” from the Likud party that he claimed was an effort to “marginalize” one segment of Israel’s population, that being Israel’s minority Arabs. Israel has a 20% Arab population, but because of a few Likud social media posts that warned Israelis about the “danger” posed by a high turnout by Arab voters, Obama decided to play the race card in a ‘tit for tat’ maneuver. And in this case the rightful “danger” Likud was referring to was voter fraud…as in Arabs voting who were NOT registered to do so. And look who’s calling the kettle black when it concerns a call of possible voter fraud…the man who looked away as his black liberal base each cast two, three, and four votes for him…just saying.

call5So now as the dust settles, as an election becomes one for the history books, and as a phone call was finally made…what happens next. Will Netanyahu keep to his word that NO Palestinian state will happen on his watch (see video here of BiBi saying just that here: http://www.cnn.com/2015/03/16/middleeast/israel-netanyahu-palestinian-state/)…and will he keep sounding the alarm about Obama’s very foolish diplomatic outreach to Iran. I believe he will for BiBi has proven time and again that he is an honorable man of his word. And know that Obama will keep doing what he does best…lying through his teeth, making deals with and aiding and abetting America’s enemies, as well as his favorite…digging the knife deeper into both Israel’s and Netanyahu’s back every chance he gets.

But hey, Barack HUSSEIN Obama has always said said he “will stand with the muslims if the political winds shift in an ugly direction”…and that ugly direction leads right back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…just saying.


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