A modest proposal: Why not let self-described socialists work for free?

The challenge was presented to college teachers in particular, but it could be posed to anyone that describes himself as a socialist or embraces socialistic ideals. (And, yes, that includes you, Barack Obama, who hypocritically claimed last week that “There’s only so big a house you can have” before returning to his nine-bedroom $8 million home in D.C.) People like this are good at talking the talk, but not so much at walking the walk.

This point was driven home last night by Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, who was a guest on Fox News Channel’s “Watters World” for a segment titled “The truth about socialism.”

Via Mediaite:

“If socialist professors really believe the nonsense that they profess, why don’t they teach for free?” Kirk asked. “Why do they sell the books back to the kids and why do they charge so much per credit hour?”

“You know if they were such benevolent and wonderful humanitarians and socialists, just do it for free,” he continued on. “Get rid of the profit structure, be a true example.”

The same applies in spades for members of Congress who advocate for a European-style socialist democracy here in the U.S. while capitalizing on the perks of their position, which include an annual salary in hailing distance of $200,000. Here is a table of the wealthiest left-leaning Democrats, along with their net worth in millions of dollars.

Image: Liberty Unyielding

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