A Guide To Peacefully And Lawfully Dismantling Biden’s Orwellian Ministry Of Truth

Expert and compassionate medical doctors are afraid to speak out against transgender chemical and surgical castration of children, for fear of reprisal.

Now to save our lives… it’s the Ministry of Truth that needs to be castrated, and here is a brief instruction booklet how to do so within the law and by peaceful protests.

We thank Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the Biden Administration for showing us the way: Supreme Court Precedent, and Peaceful Protesting

Sex change surgeries and chemical castration for children, butchering their bodies, is something that almost every doctor is against.

But also something that almost every doctor is afraid to speak out on, according to Fox News.

And the Ministry of Truth would make things more difficult for them.  Just as in Nazi Germany, doctors who disagreed with Nazi policies of racial genocide were forced to go underground or be killed, the Ministry of Truth would in effect confer similar powers on the government in the United States.

Now, here is a brief instruction book how to dismantle the Ministry of Truth within the law and peacefully.


Tools for the work, are already in our hands:

The Constitution and status which support it provides a wide range of Constitutionally protected free speech.

The four key worlds in our peaceful and successful struggle are:

Constitutionally Protected Free Speech

Progressives”, who are now on the warpath to kill as many babies as possible, claim their right to do so by “legal precedent”.  That Roe v. Wade provides a rock solid ability to murder babies.  It does not, but that’s their agrument and it’s based on the worship of decisions of the Supreme Court, setting precedent.

Well and good, let’s also on this issue of the Ministry of Truth join the worship of Supreme Court precedent.

In 1969, when Obama was just eight years old, having escaped abortion, the unamimous Supreme Court decision in Brandenberg v. Ohio stated that:

“the only spoken or written words that are not protected under the First Amendment are those “directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and [are] likely to incite or produce such action.”  The Court in Brandenburg thereby provided a lucid and relatively easily applied demarcation between protected and unprotected speech.

And “If those on the DGB exceed that power, under federal law they could be individually criminally liable, and they could be individually civilly liable for monetary damages, as would the United States.”

Furthermore, specific types of Constitutionally guaranteed forms of Free Speech are guaranteed by federal law in addition to this major precedent of the Supreme court.

“The criminal liability for wrongly depriving a person of their protected speech under the First Amendment is found in Title 18 U.S. Code §242, “Deprivations of Rights under Color of Law.”   It punishes persons, both federal and non-federal, who act under power of law enforcement (e.g., police, prosecutors, judges, prison guards, voting officials) to wilfully deprive a person of a clearly articulated constitutional or other legal right.  Freedom of speech is an articulated right, and is plainly defined under Brandenburg.

Under Section 242, if anyone on the Ministry of Truth (or who acts on its behalf) willfully deprives a person of their free speech rights through federal enforcement powers, either directly or indirectly, they could be subjected to a maximum of a year in federal prison.  To be criminal, the action would have to be purposeful and blatant—where the speech in question unmistakably does not promote lawlessness and its likely occurrence.”

Thus, the tools listed in our handbook how to protect Freedom of Speech are three:

1.  The Constitution
And this we already have

2.  A legal firm or organization or individual attorney which specializes in issues of Free Speech and other constitutional rights

3.  And for this third tool we must thank Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Biden administration:  spotlighting the right to protest peacefully in front of the homes and work places of government employees

Peaceful protests in front of those organizations or individuals’ workplaces or residences, who are government employees should follow the model, the precedent set by the peaceful protests in front of Supreme Court justices beginning in mid-May 2022 as outlined by Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the Biden Administration.

Freedom is possible, and acting within the law and peacefully, we can achieve this goal.  The handbook for victory, wishes to wholeheartedly thank members of the Democrat Party (such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the White House through Jen Psaki) for their recent statements / actions in support of Supreme Court Precedent and in support of peaceful protest in close proximity to our beloved government officials.  Stay peaceful, follow the law and we will win.  To benefit all Americans.

And let us remember the words of those in ancient Greece who developed Democratic government.  Words which we now put in modern context:

Μπορούμε να πετύχουμε Δημοκρατία (ειρηνικά και εντός του νόμου) ευνουχίζοντας το Υπουργείο Αλήθειας και όχι τα παιδιά μας

We can achieve Democracy (peacefully and within the law) by castrating the Ministry of Truth, and not our children.

Dr Joel S. Holmes is an engineer working in hydropower systems and other forms of alternative energy.  He also specializes in code breaking.

He was the first to identify in a book and articles that the Covid-19 virus was a biological weapon from the Wuhan Virology Institute Laboratory, and was stolen from the Canadian level 4 virology institute laboratory.

Shocking information on the origin of the virus and how it’s part of a larger program of to create an insurrection against the Trump administration, are in these books, found on Amazon



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