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“A Facebook for Patriots!” That was a comment posted yesterday on the all new PatrioticSpace Social Network. That’s EXACTLY what we envisioned when we began building this website eight months ago, except you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Over the course of the next 3-5 days, you will see multiple new upgrades on our social network, to include an upgraded status/comments feed, advanced groups, and the ability to invite your conservative friends from Facebook. Left-wing social media has declared war on conservatives, and this is our answer to it, necessity being the mother of invention.

Let the games begin! Our social network is still under development, but it will eventually have more and better features than you will ever find on Facebook, including full-featured blogs, full-featured photo albums, a full-featured video page, full-featured groups, and developer pages which can be used to promote conservative businesses and organizations.

Add to all of this, NO CENSORSHIP of conservative values, ideals, and issues. Feel free to speak freely, so long as you agree not to upload anything pornographic. The minimum age requirement for members is 18 years of age. You can see an example of the videos from our website, here.

Our new social network isn’t strictly a political social network. Use it for entertainment, business, staying in contact with friends. Think of it as your new home away from Facebook, a site recently dubbed “Iron FistBook” by political cartoonist A.F. Branco. The following is a list of media outlets and organizations we support, and we’re hoping many of them will join us on our new website:

If you haven’t yet visited our new social network, please do so now by clicking here, where you can also sign-up if you like what you see.

Our network is on a secure server as well — we wouldn’t have it any other way.

And rest assured, we will NEVER sell your personal and private information.




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Gerry Emery is a 63 year-old grandfather of 4, firmly committed to restoration of the American Republic through education of the ignorant. 30 years of revisionist historians have dumbed-down the millennial generation. History or the lack of it, will be the downfall of the millennial generation unless our generation steps up and re-educates the illiterate, ignorant public. This revisionist history is intentional, part of the Marxist model. Over half of the Democrats in our nation's Congress are in reality registered Communists. This shall not prevail as long as I can do something about it. I am the owner and webmaster of the all new PatrioticSpace social network, It's a lot like facebook, but without the censorship. If you are as fed-up with Facebook's censorship as I am, come grow with us. Welcome to your new home away from fascistbook https://patrioticspace.us https://twitter.com/PatriotSpace1


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