A Coup To Remove Trump? Follow The Pattern

As soon as President Trump won the election, the radical left promised that they would make America “ungovernable.” Fueled by media like the New York Times, Washington Post, and others, they promised they would make America miserable.  But what are these actions? They are a coup attempt in a country where coups do not normally happen.

screenshot of Trump in front of St John’s Church in DC (in which even their Bishop complained about his arrival there) – leftists are horrible. The picture is via FOX.

Here’s an example from 2017 from a socialist, feminist group:

The Coup

By the time Trump took office in 2017, the leftists in the FBI had already moved their ducks into place to have him impeached. They worked overtime to surveil, lie, twist, and do everything in their power to stop him from becoming President. The Russian Collusion hoax was in full swing, and they were planning to use it to the hilt.  They’re still trying to use it, even though it has been solidly debunked.

Susan Rice recently claimed without evidence Russia was ‘behind the violent protests’. (Fox) Adam Schiff and Nadler STILL want to impeach Trump and even petitioned the Supreme Court to help them as we previously reported.

Meanwhile, the other leftists worked overtime to make his inauguration miserable with protests, constant bitching by so-called “celebrities” and threats about removing him from office or even killing him.

Feminists in their “pussy hats” made fools of themselves following a radical Muslim woman named Linda Sarsour into oblivion through screaming and shouting and trying to get their way. They are still at it, lying and telling people they are for women and Trump is not. It’s a lie.

They’ve tried to pin the “racist” tag to him, calling him a “white supremacist”(which he is not), blaming him for racial tension and anything remotely connected to it. But he has many black followers, which messes with that narrative.

They’ve tried to blame the President for the Chinese virus. He moved more quickly than any other nation to stop it, but the left doesn’t want you to hear that part. The narrative they’ve tried to create says it’s all his fault. It is not. China is to blame for the virus.

They’ve tried to blame him for the crashing of the economy over the Wuhan virus as well.  It won’t work either. The economy will bounce back because Trump is business oriented and he will prevail.

The House Democrats impeached him along a party line vote, but the Senate did not. The impeachment narrative has been an ongoing theme since he was a candidate even before he got into office. It all has been a coup attempt.

Antifa and other leftist groups have beaten people, raged in riots, burned down buildings, and done everything they can to make America such a mess that Trump would step down. Or be killed.

They’re still on the protest bandwagon, in an attempt to use any and all incidents to blame President Trump for everything from racism to the virus from China. they’ll work any angle, any lie, and false narrative they can to make their plans work.

So far, the coup attempt has failed. He’s still our President. You can expect these fools to do even more damage to America.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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