A case against women in combat roles

91f2e0a27a005b45eb39b28cb6b9169eSo the Secretary of Defense has given the thumbs up to women being assigned to the Combat Arms MOSs. Of course, on the orders of the interloping Kenyan terrorist enabler.

How very special.

How very caring.

How very stupid.

Now Comes the Part Where Liberal Heads Explode…

If you believe for a moment that I believe that the fairer sex has no place in the armed forces, you’re wrong. Of course women should be able to serve… just not in combat arms.

But I’ll forgo the argument that women and men are physically different and that women simply aren’t built to carry large, heavy loads high on their backs and/or in their arms for prolonged periods of time. Sometimes, testosterone matters. Just don’t tell that to liberal social engineers.

Neither will I point out the old-fashioned notion that no man worth his salt stands weeping pier-side while mommy/sissy/wifey/sweetie/daddy’s little girl ships off to the sound of the guns and into an unbelievable nightmarish world of blood, gore and violence 311152_2352929104271_1281450004_2743893_841208024_nthat few could even imagine.

Oh, and how about the slippery slope that this could lead to? If this goes through, is it just a matter of time before unwilling females are assigned to the infantry? We all know what the answer to that question is, so I won’t point out the obvious.


Do Marines Still S**T In The Woods? Not Anymore…

Nor will I also point out the hyper-sensitivity there is in the DoD to so-called “sexual harassment.” Something as basic as L/Cpl Schmotz emptying his bladder or voiding his bowels now will require a SALUTE* report.

And speaking of bodily functions, what happens when Suzy’s squad is supposed to set up an ambush site? If this happens to be the five day time frame every month that lil’ Suzy is “feeling delicate,” you can count on said ambush becoming totally FUBARed.

That smell of raw menstrual blood will draw every wild dog in a 10 mile radius. So much for your ambush.

But If They’re Qualified…

There’s no doubt in my military mind that there are women out there that are (in the parlance of those crazy kids now-a-days) pure bad asses. I’m quite sure that there are probably plenty of gals out there that could beat the dog snot out of me.

And I’m equally sure that there are more oeklrrnfddyx0fcthan a few who could pass the basic qualifications to be a Grunt, Tanker or Cannon Cocker. But all that’s beside the point.

Women still have no place in direct combat MOSs.

Here’s Why…

I’ve already pointed out that there are some women who have at least the physical wherewithal to serve in combat roles. I’m going to give you two categories of American citizens:

  • 18-year-olds that just graduated high school and can’t even read the diploma just handed to them.
  • 12-year-olds working on their Masters in Constitutional Law.

Of the two categories, which one can vote? Of the two categories, which one is more qualified? Think about it.

If this nation is willing to subject “certain” women to the hell that is combat, then we better start allowing “certain” kiddies access to the voting booth. Oh, and we better be prepared to keep “certain” adults from voting. After all, isn’t that “the fair” thing to do?

On Second Thought…

You know, the more I think about it… the more I’m convinced that it’s a ridiculous notion that men and women are equal.

After all, why should women step down?

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