Over 800,000 bikers swarm D.C., only 21 showed up for Muslim ‘Millions against Fear’ march

minutemenEarlier today, we reported that according to Washington, D.C. police, over 800,000 bikers “swarmed” the city to participate in the “2 Million Bikers to DC” rally.

Meanwhile, only 21 showed up to participate in the “Million American March Against Fear,” falling just 999,979 people short of its goal.

From Examiner:

Wednesday morning, 2 Million Bikers to D.C. organizer Belinda Bee said on Facebook that according to local police, over 800,000 bikers are “swarming” Washington, D.C.

“The ‘2 Million Bikers to DC’ Ride to be held in Washington DC on 9/11 has quickly evolved from an event originally promoted to counter the ‘Million Muslim March’ protest to a massive ride specifically noted as a commemorative exhibition to honor and remember those who were slain in the 9/11 terrorist attacks,” Barry Secrest wrote at Conservative Refocus.

How embarrassing.

A post at Patriot Action said:

The National Park Service has denied any political motivation for refusing the permit, which ride organizers sought last month. The Park Service earlier this year granted a permit to a Muslim group planning a rally Wednesday to call attention to social justice issues.

“Social Justice issues.”  Right…

Photos, videos can be seen here.

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