58% of Americans Feel Like Strangers in Their Own Country


The majority of Americans feel as if they are second class citizens in their own country.  They look around and wonder where it all went.  Illegal aliens have money and benefits tossed at them, while our veterans live on the streets and wait a year to receive medical treatment when they need it.  Not illegals, they can walk into any hospital in America and receive immediate care.  Men who dress and act like women are given revered status, while a true American hero like Chris Kyle is reviled as a coward.  College has become the enemy of free speech.

The “Woman of the Year” is a man and straight men and women are frowned upon and while the vast majority of voters see radical Islamists as a clear and present danger to this country, the Democratic party makes excuses for the terrorists or even deny the existence of radical Muslims.  Anyone who who disagrees with them are labeled racists.  The Secretary of State, John Kerry, even said that the massacre at the Charlie Hedbo offices was justified.

The thing that’s striking about the poll is that while conservatives and independents feel separated from the country as expected, even Democrats feel that way.  In fact, 45% of all Democrats feel like they don’t belong.  This is a very dangerous thing for them.  Those of us who are old enough to remember the 1980s remember when a large swath of blue collar Democrats crossed party lines and voted for Ronald Reagan, when their party deserted them.  These Reagan Democrats are ready to jump again.

But there is danger for Republicans, too.  Donald Trump has been able to reach the hearts and minds of America’s blue collar workers like no candidate since Reagan.  The establishment wing of the party has joined with Democrats in an effort to destroy him.  It’s backfired.  True conservatives hate the Republican establishment as much as they do the liberals and why not, both embrace the same issues.

At this time, Trump (Who is not my chosen candidate but may be by primary time) struck a nerve with Americans as he railed against illegal immigration, a subject near and dear to the hearts of liberals and establishment Republicans alike.  Just look at the polling numbers of the pro illegal Republican candidates:





Graham… .4%

Compare that to Trump, who has 26.6% of the support of Republican voters.  That is more than the other five combined at 24.4%.  I didn’t include Carson or Paul because both waffle on the subject or Fiorina and the other candidates who are insignificant at this point.  Ted Cruz is the only other Republican candidate to stake out a position against illegal immigration.  But he supports the addition of hundreds of thousands of H-1B visas which are used by large liberal companies that use them to displace American workers in favor of low cost foreign workers.

The surprise is Marco Rubio.  He has over 12% support despite the fact that he wrote the Senate’s open borders bill and wrote a bill that would triple the number of foreigners who can be brought in to replace American workers.  There is an explanation for that, though.  The mainstream press is touting Rubio as the one the democrats fear the most.  This is the same strategy they tried to use to destroy Trump by promoting Carly Fiorina and then Ben Carson.  Fiorina has become nothing but a memory while Carson is seeing his numbers slip across the board.

I think you might see the race boil down to Trump and Cruz.  Cruz has been quietly picking up momentum and has been raising all kinds of cash to support his efforts.  Cruz currently is at 11% but that is double where he was just two months ago.  This past week in Iowa, he made a huge impression on the voters there for his knowledge and views on national defense.  Iowa voters at the “beauty contest” say they came in supporting Carson but left as Cruz supporters.

Which candidate is best suited to return America to the country we grew up in?  I wish I knew.  Cruz might and Trump might, but out of all the Republicans running, there is no one else you can say that about.  I went into this election with the belief I could support Cruz, Walker, Fiorina, Carson or Jindal.  But I confess it would be difficult for me to get myself to the polls unless we have Cruz or Trump on the top of the ticket.  (Did I actually say Trump?  The world has turned upside down)


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