4 Predictions About The Future of Trump Indictments

Here’s my take on what will happen with the four indictments (including the anticipated indictment in Georgia) of Trump:

1. New York: 31 counts of wrong accounting entries filed by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg: Yes, Trump accountants made wrong entries. That is a misdemeanor in New York. The judge will force the D.A. to shrink those 31 charges to one count since all 31 are the same thing. Trump may be found guilty by the jury who will have been instructed by the judge to make its decision solely on whether or not Trump violated the law the D.A. is using. The conviction will be appealed. Eventually, an appeals court or the Supreme Court will ask the simple questions, like who is the victim and how did that victim suffer? There is no victim. No tax fraud. No stockholders. Therefore, federal law was not appropriate. An appeals court or the Supreme Court will send the case back to New York so that New York law is used instead of federal law, especially since a New York prosecutor is making the charge. The state will not pursue it any longer as the 2024 election will be long gone and the charge will have been reduced to a misdemeanor.

2. Special Counsel Jack Smith’s 37 counts against Trump for the documents will also be consolidated, to about seven counts. Citing 31 counts for 31 documents is like listing each article in a robbery as a separate crime. The judge will not allow that. Once again, Trump may be found guilty by the jury as once again the judge will instruct the jury to only consider whether Trump broke the laws being used by Smith. Once again, any appeal will go to the Supreme Court. Why did Smith use the Espionage Act (felony) instead if the Presidential Records Act (misdemeanor)? Did Trump commit any actual espionage? If no actual espionage is found, then the Supreme Court will send it back to the lower courts with instructions to use the proper law, the Presidential Records Act. Convictions for fraud, abuse of power, etc. will be remanded as they follow the use of the Espionage Act. Smith will not pursue it any longer since it will be long after the November 2024 election and since it will only be a misdemeanor.

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Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

3. The four counts concerning January 6: This is a joke. Smith found no evidence of an insurrection, so he created new charges that are different from the impeachment of Trump. Did Trump interrupt a government proceeding? That will be hard to prove with just the words that were spoken by the president. So who is going to say that Trump ordered him/her to interrupt Congress? Who? Did demonstrators interrupt a government proceeding? Yes. But how did Trump cause them to enter the Capitol building? He did not. Did Trump defraud the U.S. with claims of election fraud? It will be hard to prove that Trump was not just exercising his First Amendment rights of free speech, assembly and request for a redress of grievances. Any appeal to the Supreme Court will surely reverse any guilty findings of a jury since the FBI and Supreme Court are already on record that January 6 was a demonstration, with a permit for that demonstration, and not an insurrection. That is why Smith did not indict Trump for causing an insurrection. Smith understands that Democrats lied during the second impeachment. One thing for sure, Smith just opened Pandora’s box so that Trump lawyers can present their case to America about how the 2020 election was full of election fraud. That will help the Trump campaign.

4. Abuse of power by Trump for trying to get the Georgia secretary of state to find 11,000 more votes. Yes, a jury might find Trump guilty. But every appeals court up to the Supreme Court will reverse it. If Trump did not threaten the secretary of state in some way, then there is no abuse of power. Just because the secretary of state felt intimidated, that is not hard evidence of a threat. This trial will once again allow Trump lawyers to expose all the crap done in Georgia to mess with the 2020 election. Democrats and establishment RINOs will not want that.

Jack Smith, Democrats and RINOs understand all of this and that these cases will go well beyond the November 2024 election to get through the Supreme Court. Their real intention is to make Trump defend so many cases (fight on so many fronts) that he cannot wage an adequate campaign.

Mike Pence, Chris Christie and other establishment Republicans have already called for Trump to withdraw from the campaign because they claim that he will be too distracted to wage an adequate campaign. Ha ha ha. Of course they want Trump to withdraw. They are competitors to Trump for the GOP nomination. My sides hurt from laughing. They are so transparent.

It is all part of the plan to stop Trump and the Make America Great Again movement. If Trump were not running, none of these indictments would happen.

The worst part of all of this is that so many Democrats and media and RINOs do not see how this weaponization of the legal system is bad for America. Their objective is to stop Trump and the MAGA movement by any means, such as with false accusations and misuse of laws, as with the Steele Dossier and the two impeachments and now these indictments. To them, the end justifies the means … any means. And they just don’t see how that is bad for America, how using the justice system as a political weapon is no different than what tyrants do to political opponents in other countries.

The result will be that Trump support will continue to increase and the MAGA army will continue to grow as Americans see what is happening – especially if nothing is done to Joe Biden for his actions with his son’s companies, his lies to America about his actions and his threats to Ukraine concerning the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma.

What damage will be done to Americans’ trust in our legal system from all of this? It could be irreparable.

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