3-year-old kicked out of daycare for dropping s-bomb

AriannaOut of the mouths of babes…

When, if ever, is it reasonable to expel a child from daycare? Jubilee Child Development Center in San Antonio, Texas, draws the line at profanity. News 4 San Antonio notes that a 3-year-old named Arianna was banned from the center after saying the s-word. [News video on this page.]

Her mother, Cassandra Wright, argues that the punishment is too extreme, telling reporters:

I’m still a little bit upset, but most of all was hurt, I was devastated, really hurt…. I don’t condone her saying it but for that to be a faith based daycare I would think that they would re enforce [sic] and let her know that’s not a word to say.

The director of the center, Alissa Blankenship, says there’s a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to saying a curse word. Asked if expelling a 3-year-old was going too far, Blankenship replied:

Well, as a private center and also a parent myself you know there’s decisions and choices that [sic] have to make.

Wright swears … er, insists — she doesn’t know where her daughter learned the curse word and feels certain that Arianna doesn’t know what it means. “I asked her, ‘What word did you say?’” Wright maintains. “And she told me ‘animal,’”

But Blankenship claims the little girl laughed after uttering the profanity and fears she might say it again.

In January, a toddler in Omaha was removed from his family’s home by child protective services after local police released a video of the child, still in diapers, uttering the vilest profanities at the prodding of the delighted parents. Sadly, the video, which went viral, is but one of dozens available on YouTube in which parents urge their very young children to mouth obscenities.

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