2020 Democrats Push for Gun Buybacks or Assault Weapons Ban

The 2020 Democrats push for a Federal gun buyback program has even moderates wondering about the effectiveness of it. House Bill HR 1279 floats the idea of grants for jurisdictions to have a gun buyback program. Sixty nine Democrats have signed on to cosponsor the bill that was introduced by Donald Payne Jr, D-NJ back in February.

 2020 democrats push

HR 1279 states: “To authorize the Director of the Bureau of Justice Assistance to make grants to States, units of local government, and gun dealers to conduct gun buyback programs, and for other purposes.”

Democrats hope to give each person that turns in a gun a “smart prepaid card.” It could not be used for ammunition or another gun. The amount on the card would be determined by the value of the gun turned in. The dealer or other entity would then turn in all the guns to the local ATF.

The 2020 Democrats push is to reduce the amount of guns in the United States. Most jurisdictions that have attempted such programs have not been particularly successful. Part of that is because people bring in their crap guns, get money, and turn around to buy new ones.

If you’re going to have a buyback, you have to pay people money, and then presumably most of these buybacks the government tries to destroy those guns and so it’s spending money and not getting any money in return…The people you’re most worried about — criminals — they’re either not going to turn in their guns, or if they do turn in their guns, they’ll turn in some old broken down guns, get some money for it, and buy a new gun.” UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh

Of course, Dems tried to think about that and came up with the “smart prepaid card” idea. Gun buybacks are extremely expensive for police departments, municipalities, and gun dealers, not to mention they are not effective in reducing any kind of crime. Democrats are in desperate mode to find a way to reduce the number of weapons in the US.

Fox noted“In a recent television interview, former Vice President Joe Biden called for a “national buyback program” to get firearms “off the street.” Asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper to respond to criticism he would be taking away people’s guns, Biden responded, “Bingo! You’re right, if you have an assault weapon.”

Former Obama administration official Julián Castro, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Montana Gov. Steve Bullock are among those who have expressed support for some sort of buyback program.

With Mitch McConnell saying that gun control would be “front and center” in September when Congress returns, we wonder how far Democrats and Republicans will go to gut the 2nd Amendment. It will be important to keep an eye out for what they plan. HR 1279 was dumped in the lap of the House Judiciary Committee, but they’re busy trying to get rid of Trump, so it’s not out of committee yet. Whether it has a shot (no pun intended) in the Senate or not, we’ll have to watch.

With a possible 400 million or more firearms in the US- and that’s just the ones known, they will never remove all the guns. Banning the so-called “assault weapon” or confiscating same will do nothing but create a civil war.

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