With 2016 fading fast, the election just won’t go away

Obama southern whites racistFriday’s National Review carries a scathing analysis about the outcome of the November presidential election and why 2016 will go down as the year liberalism failed.

It comes one day after the New York Post editorial page blistered Barack Obama for what it called the president’s “ugly bid to snub voters” and tie Donald Trump’s hands.

Combined, both pieces portray a petulant president and a delusional and disillusioned Democrat party that appear far more interested in themselves than in the country. Both the editorial and the analysis explain in no uncertain terms that liberals lost and it’s time for them to grow up and get over it. Indeed, the Post editorial says so bluntly: “Memo to the president: You lost.”

Democrats and self-identified “progressives” seem unable to grasp the fact, if not the concept, that voters in key states were in no mood to buy what Hillary Clinton and company were selling. As the National Review’s David French summed it up, “The Democrats had the opponent they wanted, the candidate they wanted, and the coalition they’d labored generations to build. There was just one problem — their ideas were failing, sometimes in dramatic, bloody fashion.”

Their timing was off, especially where it comes to refugee immigration. It came amid terror attacks in Europe and the United States. Who wants to risk that in their hometown?

Their message was offensive to Americans in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan; all places where either gun ownership is high and/or there is a strong hunting population and tradition. One does not waltz into such places after telling a New York fund raiser that the Supreme Court is “wrong” on the Second Amendment. It stirs often-lethargic Second Amendment voters to action.

And now comes Obama, with less than a month remaining in his presidency, provoking the Russians and insulting the Israelis. Any promises of a smooth transition to the incoming Trump administration just evaporated, regardless of appearances. The president, his cronies and the party they lead are not going to slip quietly into the night. They cannot accept the reality that the universe does not revolve around them.

In 2008, conservatives and mainstream Republicans didn’t march in the streets, block traffic, or otherwise create trouble. The Bush administration departed quietly by comparison.

This has been a year of discord and divisiveness, most of it manufactured by the crybaby left.

The proverbial bottom line was explained by French with this line: “As jihad spread, crime increased, and families stagnated, the Democrats waged culture war.”

Those same Democrats are saddling many in their own party with a reputation and image they don’t deserve. By not losing graciously, they’re just losers, and poor ones at that.


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