2000 Mules: Proven Fraud in the 2020 Election

We’ve all been told without a doubt that the 2020 election was “secure.’ Except…that it wasn’t. Even Conservatives are true believers that everything was on the up and up. Except that it wasn’t. Into this agenda to deny the problems comes Dinesh D’Souza with a new documentary called “2000 Mules.” It took a year to obtain the information for FOIA requests to see that something was definitely amiss. Adding to that are the Arizona revelations of fraud. Definitely there was a serious problem no matter what the Democrats and RINOs tell you.

The Uniform Overseas Civilian Absentee Voting Act UOCAVA includes Overseas Military

Boxes upon boxes of exactly the same ballots were received for the 2020 election in Arizona. EXACTLY the same and printed on copy paper, not official ballot paper. No chain of custody. According to the Gateway Pundit, literally baskets of military faxes were “converted” to ballots at stations with only one person. One chair, no observers. All the ballots were Xerox copies on 8×11 paper, identical in every way. Which is impossible, given that everyone has different handwriting. In the 2016 election, 1,600 UOCAVA ballots were processed. In the 2020 election, there were 10,000 – all for the same candidate and all on the 8×11 copy paper.

Screenshot via YouTube

Did you all know that our ballots come back like this from our overseas people? Did any of you know this? It is such a sham that I had people everyday at my table taking pictures of these ballots that were scanned down. It took my team three complete days to count all of the UOCAVA ballots. You know why? Because in 2016 the numbers were apparently 1,600 UOCAVA ballots that came back in the most significant election in our lifetime. In 2020 the numbers were close to 9,600 ballots that came back. And I will tell you as an eye-witness, 95%… all went towards one candidate. And in a state where a candidate won by 10,000 votes that is 8,000 new votes during an election where people were brought home because there was a pandemic… No chain of custody. There’s nothing to identify where this piece of paper came from.

Paul Harris, Manager assigned to oversee UOCAVA Ballots


Into this fiasco comes Dinesh D’Souza, who filed numerous FOIA requests in battleground states for surveillance videos of the ballot boxes. What he found was proof that the election in 2020 was a total farce.

True the Vote worked with D’Souza to obtain the documents for his movie 2000 Mules. They tracked the suspects by the surveillance videos and cell phone data.


“We tracked 2,000 mules making multiple ballot drops, leaving no fingerprints, snapping photos to get paid, a coordinated ring of illegal vote harvesting in all the key states where the election was decided,” D’Souza says in the film.

The trailer also includes footage of drop boxes, apparently used during the 2020 election, in which it appears people dropped multiple ballots at a time.

The trailer highlights the states of Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, on a map as places where this alleged illegal conduct occurred.

Western Journal


Let’s get this straight: people – most of whom were wearing gloves to keep from leaving fingerprints- were seen dumping large numbers of ballots (even backpacks full) into ballot boxes in the dead of night. Then they’d take selfies so they could get paid. They pitched their gloves away in the garbage. That’s most certainly not “secure” and ballot harvesting is illegal in those swing states. 2000 Mules is an explosive expose of the 2020 election. And with the Democrat/RINO narrative, will anyone believe the movie?

Democrats are so hot to destroy Trump in anything he does and any election that they violated every rule, every law, to get it done. And now we are stuck with a moron in the White House.

Can this be fixed? Even though at least one state, Wisconsin moved to decertify electors, the Democrats are attempting to change the way the electoral college is processing votes. They want a specific deadline to be able to object to the voting.

“As leaders on the Senate Rules Committee with jurisdiction over federal elections and members of Senate Democratic leadership, we have been working with legal experts and election law scholars to develop legislation that would modernize the framework of the Electoral Count Act of 1887.

The Epoch Times

Terms like “modernize” tend to lull uniformed voters into thinking it’s ok. This legislation would “significantly” change the Vice President’s ability to challenge electors. Remember this: when Democrats are talking, they are probably lying. And that includes the RINOs. And there’s no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election (sarcasm).


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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