UNICEF report: Radical Muslims behead 2 children in Central African Republic

Central African Republic: Islamic jihadists behead at least two childrenReligious and political turmoil is raging in the Central African Republic (CAR) and the country’s children are the ones suffering the most.

UNICEF confirmed at least two children were beheaded and one was mutilated. They also said around 6,000 children were kidnapped and forced into working for rival militias to be child soldiers.

According to the New York Daily News, Souleymane Diabate, UNICEF representative in CAR said: “We are witnessing unprecedented levels of violence against children. More and more children are being recruited into armed groups, and they are also being directly targeted in atrocious revenge attacks.”

Diabate also said, “targeted attacks against children are a violation of international humanitarian and human rights law and must stop immediately. Concrete action is needed now to prevent violence against children.”

UNICEF also confirmed that 16 children were killed and 60 were injured. As a result CAR has been in near-anarchy since the attack that took place in the capital, Bangui on Dec. 5. Over 935,000 people have been displaced in CAR, many have retreated into the bush to escape the violence. It’s said that 60 percent of those displaced are children.

There are conflicting reports for the reason behind the violence, the New York Daily News says it’s due to a Christian militia who tried to overthrow Michel Djotodia, the Muslim coup leader.

The Washington Times reports the violence is because of “a rebel coalition aggression against President Francois Bozize.” According to their report the rebels are named Seleka, and they ousted him from office.

Bozize has been accused of failing to uphold terms of a negotiated peace agreement, he has since fled to Cameroon according to the report. The report also says that U.N. officials have warned the violence between Christians and Muslims could lead to genocide in the CAR.

Violence against children in Muslim controlled nations is nothing new. Earlier this year a radical Muslim group affiliated with al-Nusra was said to have slaughtered 120 children in an attack that happened in Tal Abyad, Syria.

The Atlas Shrugs website reported on Dec. 21 that the radical Muslim group known as the Boko Harem slaughtered several children ranging from the ages of two to 10 years old in Nigeria.

In Sept. I reported how al-Qaeda militants beheaded 24 Syrians and one of them was a 40-day-old infant. Radical Muslims are cruel, heartless and brutal if you don’t convert to their way of thinking they slaughter you. You can click on the links below to see just how savage they are.

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