Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan on gun control: ‘Kiss my a**’

nugentRocker and gun enthusiast Ted Nugent destroyed CNN’s Piers Morgan earlier this month on gun control, at one point telling the CNN host to “kiss my ass.”

A post at The Right Newz says that Nugent “can probably make a better case for the Second Amendment than Wayne LaPierre and Larry Pratt.”

“Anybody that wants to disarm me can drop dead,” he told Morgan.

Nugent also went after those who support gun free zones, saying, “we’re going to beat you.”

He also said Morgan is “playing the idiot’s advocate.”

Watch the smackdown for yourself:

Morgan, by the way, is upset about a White House petition calling for him to be deported back to the U.K. for his attacks on the Second Amendment.



YES says:

Why doesn’t Ted Nugent just shoot himself and put the rest of us out of misery? The NRA is a

BR says:


No mass shootings in 10 years.

Bova says:

Mass shootings aren’t the only type of violent crime. You are aware of this, right? Violent crimes also include stabbing someone, attempting to run them over with a car, etc.

BR says:

Urban Myth. No drastic increase in violent crimes:

james says:

mass shootings are what is being discussed.
nothing can be said if you are talking about something that no one else is talking about.
mass shooting have occurred in america about six times more than the next country on the list in the past twenty years.

BR says:

There was a smackdown? Did I blink and miss it?

Gimpy says:

Uncle Ted is one of the great ones. He stands up speaks his mind, uses facts and numbers gotten by the Government that Piers could not even quote correctly. Still these “Peaceful” liberals just threaten Ted and totally deny the facts that where just stated by there own people.

denis Lobo says:

What a brainless argument by Nugent…

Jerry says:

Go get Ted. Kick his ass.

Les Darbison says:

When a liberal lefty can;t debated on the facts of an issue they fall back on there tried and true method of calling those who disagree with them names and try and slander then with lies and half truths .VIOLENT CRIMES HAVE RISEN IN AUSTRALIA DRASTICALLY AFTER THERE ASULT ON GUN OWNERS IN THIRE COUNTRY. So check your fact’s before you open your mouth. Israel and Sweden have automatic weapons in a large amount of homes in there countries and fewer violent crimes then country’s with strict gun controls. We already have school districts with their own armed police force or city police assigned to their campuses mostly Jr. High’s and High schools. Why not grade schools. Any lose of innocent live is a tragedy . If law enforcement feels they need to have assault weapons to defend them selves from the waco’s out there in society why shouldn’t law abiding citizens have the same right? Do you really think a ban on assault weapons will stop there or will it just be a step on the liberals agenda to strip gun rights from us all.