Fast Food Brain Surgeons Want Huge Pay Increase

A protester holds up a sign at a demonstration outside McDonald's in Times Square in New York

In seven cities across America, fast food workers, sponsored by the SEIU, will be picketing and demanding their pay be increased to $15.25 an hour.  Don’t they know they live in the United States of America?  You don’t like your pay, take your massive amount of burger flipping experience to Google or Microsoft.  They pay the kind of money you want.

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Steven Crowder releases full video of union assault

CrowderSteven Crowder, the Fox News contributor who was assaulted by a union thug after Gov. Rick Snyder signed Michigan’s right-to-work law, released the full nearly 9-minute unedited video of the incident today.

“This is further documentation of the violent acts committed on behalf of union members in Lansing, MI. A police report has been filed,” he wrote at YouTube.

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Union thugs go on violent rampage over right to work bill, assault Steven Crowder

Thug1Knife-wielding union thugs went on a violent rampage in Lansing, Mich., after the state legislature passed a right-to-work bill on Tuesday.

According to reports from the scene, a tent set up by the conservative Americans for Prosperity was torn down and destroyed, and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder was assaulted.

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