Racist: Liberal Salon calls conservative Michelle Malkin a ‘monkey’



Liberals like those at Salon love to hurl the race card for any reason or no reason at all.  Yet they have absolutely no problem with engaging in real racism when they think it suits their needs.

In an article posted Friday at the far left-wing site, Gary Legum referred to conservative columnist Michelle Malkin as a “Right-wing rage monkey.”  You read that right.  This in an article falsely claiming that conservatives are trying to stifle any debate on guns in the wake of the Oregon shooting in which a deranged Christophobe murdered nine people because of their religious beliefs.

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Liberals ignore real facts in Oregon shooting, cherry-pick their own

chris-harper-mercerLiberals are well-known for cherry-picking their own “facts,” but they have simply outdone themselves in the case of Chris Harper Mercer, the deranged Christophobe who gunned down nine people at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

The reason is simple — Mercer’s actions are the logical result of years of hateful left-wing rhetoric.  Rather than address Mercer’s mental issues and his Christophobia, liberals seek to deflect the discussion with calls for gun control.

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Christophobes attack Ben Carson for viral tweet declaring ‘#IamaChristian’

carson-christian1In support of the nine people murdered by the Oregon shooter, GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson issued a tweet with one simple message: “I am a Christian.”  The message, which included the hashtag #IamaChristian, went viral.

While many appreciated his show of support for those murdered for their religious belief, a number of others displayed their Christophobic bigotry with anti-Christian messages.

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Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey warns Christians: ‘Buy guns’

Ron-Ramsey-633x362Responding to news that the Umpqua Community College shooter specifically targeted Christians for his murderous spree, Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey issued a stern warning to Christians and defenders of the West:  Buy guns.

Although he said it’s not the time to panic, he said it is a time to get prepared.  While that’s always sage advise no matter the circumstances, recent news of shootings and the left’s non-stop anti-Christian rhetoric is causing more than a few to express concern.

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Police Chief tells FFRF to go fly a kite as Atheists condemns Christians

Police Chief tells FFRF to go fly a kite as Atheists condemns Christians

(FFRF Facebook Post)

The Childress, Texas, Police Chief, Adrian Garcia, received a letter from the hardcore atheist organization that hates Christianity and anything pertaining to God, the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF).  As Faye Higbee reported earlier, the letter demanded the Chief remove the ‘In God We Trust’ decals from all the department’s patrol vehicles.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation, a hardcore group of liberal atheists, has been going after and filing suits against schools, government, police departments and against any other government entity, demanding removal of anything that displays or mentions the word ‘God’ or any reference to any scriptures in the Bible. Continue reading

Tolerance, liberal style: Pro-life flyers vandalized, posted with obscene gesture

studentsforlifeNeed I say it again?  Apparently so.  Liberalism, boys and girls, is an ideology of rage and hate.  And yes, they prove it every single day.  Remember also, that when a liberal speaks of “tolerance,” he/she/it/whatever really means the exact opposite.

Today’s lesson involves posters put up by the pro-life Students for Life of America in what it calls the #WomenBetrayed National Day of Student Action.  Naturally, “tolerant” pro-abortion liberals can’t stomach the idea of political opponents engaging in free speech and did what they typically do — act like Marxist goons.

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Ben Carson called racist after saying a Muslim shouldn’t be president

carsonmuslimOn Sunday, Ben Carson said that he does not believe a Muslim should be elected president, and said the Islamic faith is inconsistent with the Constitution.

“I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation,” he said. “I absolutely would not agree with that.”  Immediately, the outrage machine went into overdrive.

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Beware of Liberals Bearing Gifts for 2016

harry-reid-vine-mocks-republicans-shutdownThey’re at it again.  Liberals are feigning fear of establishment candidates they feel certain they can beat.  The latest liberal hero (actually heroine) is Carly Fiorina.

In total this week, liberals are making the case that Fiorina, Rubio and Bush are the candidates that liberals fear most.  It’s no coincidence that all three favor amnesty for illegal aliens, the very issue that has fired up conservatives all over the country.  All three also favor retaining anchor babies.  That also is no coincidence. Continue reading

Low-infos threaten to leave U.S., move to Alaska, Hawaii if Donald Trump wins

donkeyderpIf you ever wondered why we conservatives refer to liberal voters as “low-information,” consider this.  A company that analyzed tweets opining about Donald Trump observed that about 200,000 of those messages mentioned fleeing the country if the media mogul and current front-runner wins.

Most wanted to go to Mexico, while others picked Canada.  But some actually picked Alaska and Hawaii.

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‘Entourage’ actor Adrian Grenier slammed for classless 9/11 tweet

adrian-1It seems Entourage actor Adrian Grenier won the race to the bottom of the barrel with a classless 9/11 tweet.

Of course, he deleted it, but not before it was captured for posterity.  Liberals apparently haven’t learned that the Internet can be forever, and with readily available tools, their forays into stupid-land are easily captured for all to see for all time.

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Sprint Mobile Bankrolls Liberal PAC to Take Reagan’s Name From Airport

reaganIf you are using Sprint Mobile, you are funding one of the most liberal PACs in the United States.

They have combined with Credo Mobile to force Congress to change the name of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and return it to just Washington International  Airport.  This is in reaction to Boehner complaining about changing the name of Mt. McKinley in Alaska. Continue reading

Bernie Sanders Event shut down by #BlackLivesMatter (Video)

Screenshot 2015-08-09 10.36.53Seattle, Washington – Two #BlackLivesMatter protesters managed to get close enough to Senator Bernie Sanders, a  Presidential Candidate, and cause so much havoc that his campaign event had to be shut down on Saturday in Westlake Park.

Seattle- the “progressive city”

Senator Sanders started off his event by speaking to the cheering crowd with “Thank you, Seattle, for being the most progressive city in the United States…” and two black women accosted him at the microphone, threatening to shut it down, and took control of the event.

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