Video: Joe Biden says China is part of North America

Biden_ObamaJoe Biden strikes again.  While speaking at Miami Dade College this week, he told his audience that China is part of North America.

He may have meant Canada, but it doesn’t appear from this clip that he ever corrected himself.  Still, isn’t it good to know this is just a heartbeat away from the Presidency?

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Accusations of a naked Aqua-Biden again rise to the surface

JoeBidenGrittingTeeth-11Even during the happiest of circumstances, sometimes the water-induced wrinkled head of the past rears its ugly self exactly at the wrong time. Accusations of a buck naked Joe Biden swimming laps au naturel on a number of occasions would be one of those prune-skinned moments.

If the thought of a naked 72-year-old man isn’t enough to make his Secret Service detail have the uncontrollable urge to iron everything in sight, the knowledge that the Veep has both male and female agents assigned to him kicks the ‘eew’ factor up a few notches.

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Despite past failure, Hillary now sweating a Biden run

surryLittle known fact in the article about Creepy Uncle Joe everyone may enjoy.

While the list of Republican presidential candidates starts to look more and more like the New York City Yellow Pages, the situation in the Democratic Party could very possibly be described as an increasingly paranoid Hillary Clinton looking over her shoulder searching for Joe Biden.

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A Life Stolen Simply Because He Wore a Badge

funeral cover ramos eulogy card“What do we want? Dead cops.” NYC protesters continuing chant after the death of thug Eric Garner

And they came…almost 30,000 strong…police officers from all over this country and beyond to pay their last respects to the first of the two assassinated N.Y.P.D. officers. And so Officer…now Detective First Grade*…Rafael Ramos…Shield No. 6335…was laid to rest this past Saturday.

And pay their respects they did NOT only with tears but also with a simple act of defiance…unplanned yet with more power to it than any planned action could ever have had…for as some of the officers in attendance inside the church stood and turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio as soon as he started to speak so too did the thousands of officers…brothers and sisters of every rank in their dress blues and white gloves…who had gathered outside Christ Tabernacle Church to watch the funeral service being broadcast on Jumbotron screens. Continue reading

At U.S.-Africa summit, Joe Biden refers to ‘nation of Africa’

Joe-Biden-200x130Two relevant flashbacks, both related to the choice of vice presidential picks in 2008, both from the New York Times. First, the paper of record from Aug. 23 of that year:

Senator Barack Obama introduced Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. as his running mate on Saturday at a boisterous rally in Springfield, Ill., a choice that strengthens the Democratic ticket’s credentials on foreign policy…. [Emphasis added]

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ISIS…a creation of Obama’s doing

“But I want to see a strategy.”

– New House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy speaking about Obama’s Iraq strategy

Saying that nobody in Washington wants to send U.S. troops into Iraq right now, new House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy stressed that a military option does need to be kept on the table, but as I see it the main problem with Iraq right now is that Obama and his administration lack NOT only a clear plan on exactly what to do but any plan at all.

Sending in 300 military advisers who like before will have their hands tied behind their back in regards to anything but trying to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of the enemy is absolutely NO response…is absolutely NO plan…to help stop the forward moving incursion of ISIS…especially in light of the fact that over the past 48 hours the ISIS flag now flies over yet another four Iraqi towns as they move southeast towards Baghdad itself.
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How Obama lost Iraq


US Army soldiers on patrol in Mosul in 2003. (USArmy)

US Army soldiers on patrol in Mosul in 2003. (USArmy)

Iraq’s slide back into chaos has its roots in 2011 when the last U.S. soldiers left the country.  The Obama Administration and the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki had been engaged in months of negotiations in an attempt to reach a new status of forces agreement that would allow American soldiers to remain in Iraq to help support government forces.  (The Bush Administration had signed a status of forces agreement that required U.S. combat troops to leave Iraq by Dec. 31, 2011.)  When these talks failed, the stage was set for President Obama to fulfill his campaign promise to remove U.S. forces and end the war in Iraq.

Unfortunately, as pointed out by the Atlanta Conservative Examiner, it was much easier to remove U.S. troops than to end the war.  President Obama’s assumption was that American forces were the cause of the fighting in Iraq and that if American forces were removed, the war would end.  That turned out not to be the case, partly because of Iran.

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Homeowner arrested after taking Biden’s advice, firing warning shotgun blast

Joe-BidenWhen asked about Joe Biden’s obvious mental impairments, former New York City mayor and GOP presidential hopeful Rudolph Giuliani said he doubted the problem was dementia. Instead, Giuliani offered this rough-and-ready diagnosis while a guest on CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report”:

I mean, this guy just isn’t bright. He’s never been bright. He isn’t bright. People think well, he just talks a little too much. Actually, he’s just not very smart.

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Video: Joe Biden lies about football career — again

biden-liarIn a video posted to YouTube by the White House, Joe Biden, the walking, talking gaffe machine currently filling the position of vice president, was caught lying about his alleged college football career — again.

Biden made the statement while welcoming the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour to the State Department.

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Joe Biden to Boston bombing survivors: ‘It was worth it’ – Video

biden-brain-1On Tuesday, Joe Biden, the walking, talking gaffe machine currently serving as the vice president, told survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing that “it was worth it.”

“My god, you have survived and you have soared,” he said.  “It was worth, it was worth it. I mean this sincerely, just to hear each of you speak.”

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Libs believe satire of Palin saying ‘Flight 370 ‘got stuck in heaven’

sarah palinI have to keep reminding myself that liberals are the deep thinkers in the room. Once again, they have been taken in by a satire involving their favorite target, 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and once again they have played the “stupid” card — unwittingly on themselves. This time, the subject is Malaysia Flight 370.

Last week, The Daily Currant, which advertises itself as “the Global Satirical Newspaper of Record,” ran an item titled “Palin Wonders If Flight 370 ‘Flew Directly to Heaven.’” Here’s an excerpt:

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The ‘Russian Bear’ vs. the man in ‘mom’ jeans

russia map“The referendum in Crimea was a clear violation of Ukrainian constitution and international law”

– Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s statement after Sunday’s Crimean vote

Well…well…the man who could care less about the U.S. Constitution suddenly cares about the Ukrainian constitution and international law…all while his very inaction’s helped fuel this current situation on. And now comes useless sanctions that Putin will just laugh at while calling Obama’s bluff as he sends Russian forces further into the Ukraine.

And those in Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, and even those in Kazakhstan, are all now fearful they could be next.
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