From the Fire Truth Emerges…If One Opens Their Eyes to It

video final cover“The term “moderate Islam” Is ugly and offensive; there Is no moderate Islam -Islam is Islam, and that’s it.”
– Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan who rejects the West’s notion that ‘so-called’ moderate islam exists

Early Tuesday morning one of the most horrific acts I’ve ever seen perpetrated by one human being upon another was done as ISIS released a video…a true Hollywood-style video complete with music keyed to play into this heart-stopping drama…as these savages caged and then burned Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh alive. Setting up jumbotron screens in key cities within their held territories, the ISIS faithful yelled loud and clear “allahu-akbar” as this brave man was reduced to a pile ashes…ashes that a bulldozer then dumped concrete and garbage upon…sealing his fate for all time.

video cover use this oneExecuted…NOT murdered…executed…we now know a month ago…on January 3rd after being downed over Syria on Christmas Eve…and after his being tortured, paraded through, and spat upon in ISIS held cities, Lt. al-Kaseasbeh met his death with grace and dignity…and with a cry of sheer terror and agony that will haunt me forever. Continue reading

Calculatingly clueless

threat2 jv team cover“ISIS is a JV team.”
Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s ‘expert opinion’ of ISIS this past January

On Obama’s agenda for today…more fundraisers. Heads are rolling…literally…all over the Middle East and off Obama goes to raise more money for the caliphate… ooops…I mean for the Democratic party. So while David Cameron…the Prime Minister of England…raises his country’s terror alert to the highest level…Barack HUSSEIN Obama is hob-nobbing with big money donors, Hollywood liberals with a capital ‘L’, and muslim sympathizers, all while ISIS continues its march across Iraq…all while ISIS continues its incursion into Jordan.

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Obama’s Caliphate…The Truth Exposed

By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen (Right Side Patriots)

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, has backtracked on his previously issued statement that we must take out ISIS in Syria, and now says that he will NOT recommend U.S. military air strikes against ISIS in Syria until he determines that they have become a direct threat to the U.S.

Uh…excuse me but didn’t Dempsey just sit alongside Defense Secretary…and known muslim sympathizer…Chuck Hagel a few short days ago in a joint press briefing, and agree with Hagel when he said ISIS is an “imminent threat to every interest we have” and that ISIS is “beyond anything that we’ve seen.” Yeah…he did. Continue reading

Violating Federal Law and Getting Away with It

“None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available in this Act may be used to transfer any individual detained at United States Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to the custody or control of the individual’s country of origin, any other foreign country, or any other foreign entity except in accordance with section 1035 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014.” – Rule of law broken by the Obama Administration

Just as we all knew…the Obama White House did indeed violate federal law when they traded…’transferred’ they called it…five terrorist leaders for one American traitor without going through Congress first.

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An enemy from when barbarianism was in fashion

“We have come to you with slaughter.”                          -ISIS’ sole declaration of intention to conquer Jordan, Lebanon, Gaza, Sinai, Jerusalem, Rome, and Spain…and then on to western Europe and America

As Barack HUSSEIN Obama gives a commencement speech in California, does a fund raiser or two, and of course hits the links, the Middle East is on fire as Sunni insurgents continue gobbling up Iraq city by city.

Sunni insurgents uniting under the banner of ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant/Syria) still tied to al-Qaeda yet independent of them at the same time. ISIS…the most brutal of the brutal…marches forward towards Baghdad with NO one but a group of rag-tag Iraqi civilians trying to stop them. Funded with $429 million looted from Mosul’s central bank and from their many acts of extortion and such, donations by wealthy sponsors and ideological sympathizers throughout the Arab world continue to fill their war chest as they infuse their blood-lust with the treasure from the cities they take.
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Who does Chuck Hagel think he’s kidding

“The law is the law. The way you challenge constitutionality is you go to court and you figure out whether or not the courts say it’s constitutional or not. And until the courts rule on that, it is the law.” – Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in his opening statement to the committee investigating the Bergdahl exchange

Simply stated…Chuck Hagel is a LIAR. And his LIES started the minute he opened his mouth during Wednesday’s House Armed Services Committee hearing on Obama’s ‘five-for-one’ prisoner exchange. Saying that he and Obama would NEVER do anything to jeopardize the U.S. or those fighting overseas, you just know Hagel must have been gagging on those words even as he was spewing them out…choked on them as he tried to defend Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s decision to move forward with this exchange without Congressional approval.

Negotiating with terrorists…with the Taliban…an unprecedented move by an American president who ignores the fact that now the go-ahead has been given to other terrorist groups…including al-Qaeda…to up their use of kidnapping of our troops and civilian personnel to get what they want.
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Treason, sedition, and Barack HUSSEIN Obama

So now it seems the U.S. military will pick-up all the medical bills for Bowe Bergdahl (too bad they do NOT do that for all our honorably serving veterans). So now it seems that the only thing Bowe is suffering from is some ‘cognitive issues’ after five years of captivity, and that physically he is quite stable NOT on the verge of imminent death as claimed by the White House. So now it seems that when search-and-rescue teams first went out to look for Bergdahl after he went missing that they were given orders NOT to bring him back alive, but were to shoot him on sight, because command knew he was NOT only working with the Taliban but that he would kill our people if given the chance.

And so now it seems that even as more information comes to light everyday supporting the fact that Bowe Bergdahl did in indeed go AWOL…did indeed desert…this administration…this president…  continues to stand by its claim that they did the right thing by making a deal with terrorists but claiming the deal was made to bring peace to Afghanistan.
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Left to die by an administration run amok

“This was basically an elaborate scheme to cover up patient wait times…”
– Dr. Samuel Foote, retired VA doctor turned whistleblower

They fought for our country…their blood stains the soil of foreign enemy lands…and yet when they come home…many to a hero’s welcome…they are being denied rightful medical services.

Dysfunctional bureaucratic red tape unlike any stonewalling ever seen before now faces our veterans on a daily basis. And these brave warriors who put their very lives in harm’s way to keep us safe and free at home cannot get much needed medical care but a traitor to America can.

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Cuts to our military and Susan Rice’s arrogance have me actually seething

“Secretary Hagel has been clear that, while we do not want to, we ultimately must slow the growth of military pay and compensation.” – Admiral John Kirby, Defense Department spokesman

Seething…I’m actually seething as once again the very people who lay their lives on the line to keep us safe and free at home are being both dishonored and put in harm’s way as muslim sympathizing, Obama-loving Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is recommending major cuts to our military… especially to the Army. And he’s adding in for good measure a one-year freeze on military pay raises for officers, higher out-of-pocket costs for health-care benefits, and less monies for housing allowances for both our returning troops and our vets, in an all out effort to cut billions of dollars from our defense budget.
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On Thanksgiving say thanks to our troops for their Commander-in-Chief sure won’t

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving…a day we thank God Almighty for all we have been blessed with…a day to thank Him for the greatness that is America on a true American holiday.

Thanksgiving…made a national holiday by Abraham Lincoln in1863, when during the Civil War he proclaimed a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.” Abraham Lincoln was a man of God…a true Commander-in-Chief of these United States…a man history has shown to have honored and respected the troops on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line.

And as history has shown Lincoln’s greatness, history will show what we are seeing in the here and now in regards to Barack HUSSEIN Obama, his cronies, and their feelings towards America’s military…feelings so diametrically opposite from those of Lincoln… Continue reading

Going to war for all the wrong reasons

is it timeSyria…yet another muslim civil war with NO muslim country coming to the aid of their brethren. Even the Arab League has turned its back on them, and it’s time the American people wake up to the fact that we need to consider more carefully just why Obama is so determined to send America back to war again.

I’ll tell you why…it’s three-fold. One…Syria keeps our collective mind off the Obama scandals and especially keeps us from focusing on Benghazi. Two…this president wants to arm the al-Qaeda backed rebels…rebels who are the ones gassing the Syrian people and he knows it. The phony staged photos of ‘supposedly’ dead children (and using photos from when Saddam gassed the Kurds) might pull on the heartstrings and fool some but NOT all for we know Obama wants the rebels the victors…wants al-Assad to fall…for this is really a war between Russia and Iran vs. the United States, and if the rebels oust al-Assad, Obama gains a de-facto victory over them both, and his ego gets the same boost as after bin-Laden was taken down, and for a narcissist like Obama that is all important. And three…in a word…oil. More on that later.
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Obama, al-Qaeda, and the Syrian rebels…one and the same…throw Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey in for good measure

weapons found6As Obama and his minions continue to blame Bashar al-Assad for the chemical attacks on Syrian civilians, a few days ago on Facebook I posted a short statement as to what I believed to be the truth in regards to the gassing of those civilians. I stated it was my opinion that the Syrian rebels, who are outwardly supported by al-Qaeda, and to whom I believe Barack HUSSEIN Obama was running guns and weapons to (can you say Benghazi), are the ones using the chemical weapons (of the same sarin gas type that Saddam used on the Kurds and moved to Syria before we went into Iraq) on their own people and blaming it on Assad.

I further stated that I believed this to be the case because Assad’s military forces are gaining ground against the rebels…rebels who are actually jihadists and NOT opposition fighters for Syrian freedom, but fighters who want to turn once somewhat secular Syria (albeit a dictatorship) into yet another islamic state. And to that end, what better way to turn world opinion against Assad than to claim he’s the one gassing the civilians.
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