Seattle Seahawks and NFL: Stuck on Stupid


Apparently the NFL and the Seattle Seahawks are still stuck on stupid. I was at work earlier this evening when I received a text message from my younger brother. He was at the Seahawks game in Seattle on Sunday. His boss had bought the tickets two months earlier and he was looking forward to the game.That was until the pregame ceremonies and the National Anthem, when the Seattle street thugs in shoulder pads decided to “take a knee.”

You don’t know my brother. He’s in his mid 50’s now and has been an avid NFL fan since his pre-teen years. He was a standout athlete in high school until a knee injury complicated by Osgood-Schlatter disease sidelined him from further competition. He was the expert on almost anything you wanted to know about all sports, not just football. My brother seldom ever uses vulgarity or four letter words in a conversation, but Sunday’s game brought out his anger.

Why? His daughter (my niece) is a U.S. Army First Lieutenant. Like her father, she excelled in sports. Like her father, she is what I call a “super over-achiever.” She attended Eastern Washington University on athletic scholarships and enrolled in Army ROTC. She graduated with honors. No, unlike what the liberals will tell you, she didn’t enlist in the Army because she couldn’t afford an education otherwise. Joining the Army was a lifelong dream of hers. She set her goals high, and so far she has surpassed all of them.

My brother’s daughters (he has two) are his world, his legacy. He lost his only son in a tragic automobile accident almost 10 years ago. He sent me the following text message at 6:05 PM Pacific Time on Sunday night:

“Gerry, these are the a**holes that sat down. My girl is willing to give her life for the flag and these entitled millionaire NFL players disrespect!!  Something is wrong in this country!!! Had tickets with my boss booked a couple months ago or probably wouldn’t be here!  Very disappointed with NFL football right now!

Later he texted me: “Funny most of them are now injured. Swollen ‘v*ginas’.”

I couldn’t agree more. These street thugs in shoulder pads are cowards. Overpaid, under worked, undeserving of neither the freedoms they enjoy nor the outrageous income they receive.

In my humble opinion, if their brains were dynamite, they wouldn’t have enough to blow their noses; but the same could be said of the NFL which is effectively committing suicide for their entire shameful organization. They refuse to enforce their own rules, so why should we continue to patronize them? Give me one good reason. It is time for “We the people” to vote with our wallets again. In other words, time to quite buying ANYTHING associated with the NFL, to include season passes and game tickets.

If you are an “Apple Pie American,” please join us and BOYCOTT the NFL!


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Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad
Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad – Source: Author (used with permission)


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