Public schools turning stupid over guns

Public schools turning stupid over guns

Since the tragic Newtown shootings, public schools have sought to keep their students safe, but have become a laughingstock instead, suspending students for some of the silliest reasons.

The latest example of public school stupidity came from Pasco, Washington, where a boy was suspended for talking about a toy gun.  You read that right, folks — TALKING — about a TOY gun.  The suspension was overturned, but the damage to the child has been done.

Here’s just a bit of the madness that has gripped the public school system:

Earlier this month, a seven-year-old Maryland boy was suspended after he chewed a breakfast pastry into the general shape of a gun.

In early February, a seven-year-old Colorado boy was suspended for tossing an imaginary grenade into an imaginary box filled with imaginary “evil forces,” violating school policy.

Recently, an Illinois middle school student was ordered to turn his Marine Corps-themed t-shirt inside out due to the crossed rifles on the shirt.

In Philadelphia, a fifth-grade girl was searched and called a “murderer” over a small piece of paper that had been torn into the general shape of a pistol.

A five-year-old Pennsylvania girl was labeled a “terrorist threat” after telling another student she would shoot her with a Hello Kitty bubble gun.

The son of actor Joseph C. Phillips was threatened with police action for showing friends a picture of an Airsoft BB gun he purchased with his own hard-earned money.

The list goes on and on, but one thing is clear — public schools are turning stupid in their anti-gun hysteria.

Naturally, we all want to keep children safe from gun violence, but the absolute idiocy being displayed by educators today is insane.  No wonder children can’t read or write.  Their teachers don’t know the difference between a Pop Tart and a Glock.

A picture at We Know Memes illustrates this nicely:


What’s scary is that this is quite possibly the kind of headline we could easily see, given the state of things today.

Note to schools:  Keep our kids safe, but don’t get stupid over guns and quit abusing our children.


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  1. This is the reason that we have kids that turn out to be future school/movie/mall shooters. The best thing is not to scare kids from guns, but to introduce thwm to children at a young age instead. let the parents teach their kids about guns, how they work, the safe handling of them, take them shooting so that they can see first hand what a firearm actually does when a bullet does to a target. Show them that it needs to be treated with respect. If not, they will probably learn about guns in a less than ideal situation. The shooters we’ve seen in the past have only experienced firearms thru a video game, where when you die you get 3 more lives. They need to understand that is not the case in real life.

  2. Don, not true of the Sandy Hook shooter. He may have played video games and may not have learned about guns as a young boy but his mother had been taking him shooting when she KNEW he had serious problems. She was also guilty of leaving them available to him.

  3. This really is a tough topic. I’ve had some of that stuff happen at my school, and I’m a senior now. The thing is, this kind of crap has been happening since I was a freshman (2009). We had to turn our shirts inside out if it had the word “gun” on it. So to say people are going crazy over it because of all the recent shootings is ridiculous, since it’s been happening for quite a long time.

    • It started with columbine…. It’s only gotten much worse since Virginia tech. And still address the mental instability of people. Not much progress on the antibullying front either which was the cause of columbine. Schools punish the victims along with the bully , or in most cases do .nothing… The way we address mental problems is inappropriate as well. We medicate instead of finding the root of the problem.

  4. This is sad. This really is. Guns do not kill, the people holding them do. The fact that people are making such a big deal about guns and saying they are the problem are just scared to face the root of the problem. The reasons the shootings happen is because the kids had rough up bringing, people in school tormented them and then they would go home and get little to no love from their parents. But no, its not a good news story to tell everyone its their own damn faults. Everyone has been on one end of the school torment and most people don’t want to realize that its their faults the kids they tormented came back years later and shot up the place.

    Also, the fact the media puts the name of the people who shoots up these places on every tv screen and radio nation wide and pushes even further into other nations doesn’t help.Lived a lonely existence? Want people to remember your name after you die? Here is a way.

    The sooner people realize its not the tool, its the person holding it and its what everyone else has driven them to do, the sooner we can actually start working on solving this problem.

  5. How stupid can these principle and teachers be? Did anyone see the news about the cloud shaped like a gun? The principle actually called the police and screamed at the children to run since the “gun” is going to shoot them

  6. I agree that not only the schools, but much of society has overreacted and have forgotten the reason for the second amendment and how guns can be useful in the right hands. Evil and insanity will always find a way to harm. However, I find that writers such as this one also overreacts by saying about the child “the damage has already been done”. Seriously, if the adults wouldn’t make such a big deal about it, the kid would move on and forget about it. Children are resilient and don’t hang on to stupidity like adults do, and adults are using situations like this to further their own agenda. If you want to take the situation and point out the stupidity in it, do it, but do it without involving the child anymore than he/she has already been. They have moved on, let them.


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