Santa Monica college students marry ocean, ‘make love with the water’...

On Thursday, Campus Reform reported that a professor at Santa Monica College led students in what was billed as an "EcoSexual Sextravaganza" in which participants not only married the ocean, but consummated the relationship.

Should Yahoo can Couric over edit of gun control film?

As the controversy over a Katie Couric-narrated film “Under the Gun” continues to heat, a writer for National Review called on Yahoo to “launch...


Pair of glasses left on floor of museum mistaken for art

Here's something just a little different that tells us just a bit about our modern culture. On Thursday, the UK Independent reported that a teen set...

Liberal rag Salon defends pedophilia — again

Could this possibly be the next thing the perverted Obama regime mandates?


Norwich University Caves to Muslims

The first time a female Muslim demanded a religious accommodation for the hijab at the Citadel, the school's rejection was perfectly in line with regulations. But when it happened AGAIN at another Military college, we smelled a rat. And this time, Norwich University ACCEPTED her request for the hijab.

Audio: Does Facebook Enable Islamic Jihad?

Does Facebook actually enable Islamic jihad? It's a question posed to CFL writer Joe Newby in two radio interviews on Monday. Joe is teaming...